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Marge Makeup Collection by MAC Cosmetics

Hello tappers! Today I bring you news thar are mainly for the ladies and also for some men with a high sense of beauty and fashion. MAC cosmetics has announced that they will launch a Marge inspired palette to celebrate The Simpsons 25th Anniversary. It will be available for a limited time only, coming to store in September 2014. They still haven’t said which products will be included in this line or what colors they will offer. We can only speculate that there will be eyeshadows amongst other products and that the colors will probably include shades of blue from her famous bee-hived do and some yellows, for obvious reasons. In my opinion, a lime green eyeshadow like her dress would look great on my hazel eyes. I’m also already dreaming of a shade of lipstick that matches her red pearl necklace. With comics and toons under their belt like the Archie, Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman Collection, MAC is no stranger to creating fun cosmetic collections that’s for sure. The unique packaging will probably be one of the most interesting aspects of this palette.

This makeup palette reminds me of episode 2 of season 10, The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace. Homer designed a makeup gun for women who only have “4/5th of a second to get ready”, a problem which Marge described as every woman’s nightmare. It also has a ‘whore’ mode, which Homer accidentally used on Marge.

homer-makeup-shotgun-o margemakeup

To any of you out there doubting the sex appeal of a 34 year old yellow skinned woman with strange hair, remember that Marge was in Playboy and also appeared in Project Runway.

marge-vs-playboy-01What do you think about this makeup collection? Do you think there’s too much merch surrounding the 25th Anniversary? What other products would you have come up with? Leave your comments down below!
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    1. I like to do posts about things that arent about the game from time to time. Right now, there isnt much to write about the game since weve covered pretty much everything but we still want to keep our readers entertained and aware of Simpsons related news!

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