The bait-and-switch of Easter

All I’ve got to show for this event so far are 25+ fences, a few trees, and a couple of ponds. Okay, I’ve got some egg piles and three beach chairs with umbrellas (not shown) but none of thesenew elusive buildings and characters have found their way into my town.

I imagine this is the same for many of you playing, and it’s starting to get frustrating. It should not be this hard to win prizes, but it is.

Donuts aren’t going to help you, not unless you spend $100+ or more on eggs. This should have been EA’s perfect chance to solidify their audience in the light of the new Family Guy game, but instead it has driven some of its players away because of a few poor decisions in regards to this event.

Have you had better luck? Did you waste donuts only to end up with even more fences? What are your thoughts on this event?

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128 thoughts on “The bait-and-switch of Easter”

  1. I’ve been pretty lucky with this event. I managed to get all the buildings and father Sean. I also have a Kang topiary, the egg council guy, and bunny #24601( I think ). I also have a bunch of the other stuff. The coolest part is I haven’t spent any donuts because I can’t afford any. Good luck on the last day. I wish I would have gotten Sharry Boppins.

  2. Yea ,,, I”m having a hard time myself : ( I get all excited when i get 500 eggs ,, hoping to get Shary Bobbins n some other ones ,,,,, n nothing ! Ahhhhh But gonna keep trying !! I have 2 pink n 2 blue baskets ,,, if anybody can spare some eggs i would a happy camper ! :-) I”m a good neighbor also .. I play a couple times a day ,, tappin away !!! oatleybonn569

  3. This event has been a supreme bait-and-switch.I just got Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr, but previous to that, I’ve only gotten fences and a tree.

    Worst of all, more often than not, it’s basically been just exchanging pink and blue eggs into gold ones just for the opportunity to win 3 pieces of fence.So, essentially, I spent 1,500 eggs to get 500 gold eggs to get three fences.Waste of time.

  4. I am hating this especial event 😥 only have the prices from the pink box. So difficult to get blue eggs, let alone its prizes, not to even start on the gold box
    After playing last year Halloween event, the events after that got so difficult & frustrating.
    I think the boxes are worst than the wheels

  5. Hey peeps anyone fancy helping out my baron almost waste landish Easter baskets by adding sneedjoker454 as a friend. Would certainanly appreciate the help :-)

  6. I haven’t gotten a single good item. Fences and gold eggs and beach towels and that’s it. Nothing any planer anywhere actually covets. It’s gotten to the point where I’m stockpiling my eggs because I figure it’s better to save up all the disappointment for one big burst of using them all up, rather than an ongoing day-to-day frustration.

    That said, an update just came out. Only a few meg, but I can’t help wondering if it might have included an adjustment to the odds on anything. Weren’t the odds on the Christmas and/or Valentine’s Wheel adjusted mid-event? Or maybe it was just a LEGO episode-related update. Nothing’s actually occurred in my game, but then everybody’s busy with stuff.

    1. ^ Nothing any *player* anywhere actually covets.
      Maybe you woodcraft fans would covet the skilful woodwork of a pile of fences and umbrella shafts, I don’t know. Doesn’t help me though.

    1. No, your preferred egg colour box (for you, blue) gives 100 golden eggs. The other always gives 300. I’m a pink egger and I only get 100 golden eggs from pink boxes and 300 from blue.

  7. I’ve opened about 18 boxes and came up with a bunch of common stuff and Bunny #24601 (I just got that joke as I typed the number). He’s cool and all, but he’s an NPC and I enjoy getting more buildings. The only character I care to get is Shary Bobbins.

  8. out of the 8500 pink eggs(17 chances) ive collected from last saturday ive gotten: 4 fence, a tree, 600 gold eggs, 2 beach towels and umbrellas, and as soon as it landed on chirpy boy and bart junior, it decides to disconnect me and roll back thus robbing me of my minor glory and leaving me with only about 4000(8 chances). but i suppose thats my fault for living in a lousy 4g network area and having a douche for a brother who would turn off the wifi unnecessarily (and also probably not tapping store before typing but how was i to know this bull would happen?). and to add insult to injury, its likes to box tease me thinkin ima get something good when it just throws another thing i dont really want at the moment. i think it wouldve been better off if all the good prizes were all in the gold eggs section. this event is pretty much an experiment to me and it shows, how much ur willing to spend to get what u want. its a shame because i would like to say this was a good event but its not. but theres still 19 days left… if the blocko store and chirpy boy and bart jr can be obtained soon enough, i can focus on getting the blue egg prizes b4 torturing myself with the golden egg prizes. thats how ill do it. accumulation = more chances, i hope this helps

  9. I know your opinion about the game, FB, but when I read your post d.d. April 10 and the current one, I’m confused. Please, don’t take my opinion as a personal insult.

    “EA = Big Business” and last months we noticed that there is a (huge) trend towards more donut-related items, which will not change in the future, on the contrary. It will get worse. If one would like to be a freemium player in this event, the data and chances to win particular, cool prizes are known and described in an earlier post of PG, and thus very, very low. I don’t believe those people (e.g. Bumlets1, see above) that state winning all prizes without buying extra eggs and have 100% chance to win the lottery.

    If anyone think you can tap almost everything without spending money these days, the only thing left will be frustration. Please, read between lines of EA’s dialogues within the game: they are having a good laugh reading our frustrations.


    1. I agree that EA is having a good laugh at our frustration, it is the Simpsons, after all. Is that irony? I have a weird glitch. When my carrots are harvested, I’m not getting any rabbits. Has that happened to anyone else?

      1. You don’t get extra bunnies if you harvest when your bunnies are already maxed out. Empty your town of bunnies before harvesting the carrots.

        1. Thanks Farmer Joe! Had forgotten that. Appreciate your help. Appropriate that you would answer a question about harvesting the carrots. 😁

  10. I hacked my game after this update came out after almost a year of “by the book” play. Now I have everything <3 No way i would waste so much money on donuts or play that intensive still I wanted the new stuff. Now I have everything and don't regret a thing. Also, I want more land!

    1. I also want to point out that it was either hack it, or delete it. And in addition, there’s about 20 easter ponds and 5 million fences sitting in my Inventory. #firstworldproblems

  11. Well, I’ve won everything from this event now ( mostly due to using ~1800 donuts in anger) and I’m spending my play time for the next month giving eggs to those less fortunate than myself.

    This event is a travesty but ill be damned if I let other players leave with anything less than everything. I’ve filled at least a few dozen egg baskets today and will be giving away more eggs tomorrow.

    Is there any chance you guys running the site could put out the call for people like me with too many donuts and for people with too few eggs? I’d love to be more direct in helping those who need it the most.

  12. Problem is the cost per box is too high. Even a very active player will have a hard time generating 500 eggs of each color per day unless they spend donuts (for Frink machine, baskets, etc). If they lowered the cost of the box (like say, 300 eggs), the amount of complaints will definitely be lower as 300 eggs is doable for most people.

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