Easter Glitch – Trick or Treat?

TSTO has had a fair share of bugs and glitches. Normally, no one wants to see a glitch in a game. TSTO gamers have had to endure a harp glitch and numerous other little bugs that have detracted from game-play. Sometimes, however, a glitch can be a good thing. Players used to be able to “give” their neighbors multiple boardwalk tiles for Squidport. It was a glorious time!

Tile Glitch

With the recent update I’ve notice a new (to me) glitch. When I go to my inventory, I’m told what the item is and how many pieces I have. Normally, I cannot place more items than I have in my inventory. If I wanted more of something, I had to go “buy” it after getting out of my inventory and pressing the little bench/tree circle in the bottom right corner.

Now, however, it is possible for me to buy things from my inventory. The problem with this is that a player may not realize in-game cash is being spent on an item that is supposedly in the inventory. Check out these screen shots. The first one shows how many trees I have in my inventory: one.

photo 2

The second screen shot shows that I am able to place more than one tree. Notice the white text showing that money has been spent! I’m not sure I like this “convenience” of being able to buy items from my inventory box!

photo 3

Another weird twist, as you can see from this third screen shot, is that I cannot place the purchased tree into my inventory. I can sell it (which I did), but I can’t place it in the inventory—even though, it was from the inventory box that I purchased the thing. Isn’t that weird? It makes me think this is a glitch and not an attempt to “trick” gamers into spending in-game cash. What do you think? Is this happening to you? Is this a “trick” or a “treat” in your view? Let us know in the comments!

photo 4

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16 thoughts on “Easter Glitch – Trick or Treat?”

    1. Yeh I am having the same problem. Very irritating. Have you managed to find a way around it, as I really don’t want it in my inventory?

      I’ve had no luck placing it or selling it.


  1. My game keeps glitching… is the third time I’ve had to totally uninstall my game and reinstall it to be same to access My account… as it keeps (after I’ve pressed ‘tap to continue’on the splash screen with my user name on the screen too) logging into anon game staring right back at the initial video of Homer playing on his Mypad…. so frustrating as it takes at least twenty minutes to download all the content,my heaviest app!!

  2. Huh, have not experienced that, to be honest. Probably will soon…

    But I do have another glitch to be sorted (I wrote about that in “Help” section of this blog). :(

  3. I may have stumbled across a glitch with this event. I had a basket filled with eggs, and just at the point when I collected them, I lost contact with the server and I got the reconnect message. My fear was that I lost all the eggs that I had in the basket, but when I got back into the game, I found I still had them, and I still had the basket that they were in, but it was now empty. The basket didn’t disappear like it’s supposed to. So I’ll get two batches of 400 eggs off of one basket.

    1. I have a a slightly different basket glitch – I had a pink basket with two or three eggs in but the next time I visited my town the basket appeared to be empty. Now it will not accept eggs (tried from a friends game) or allow me to click or store it.

      Effectively I have a dead egg basket and I appear to have lost the eggs left for me – not too happy about this

      1. I’m wondering now if my basket that I referred to is also dead. No eggs have deposited in it since last night when this happened. I’ll check it through my daughter’s game and see if she can drop any eggs into it.

  4. I thought it was more of a feature then a glitch, It can be useful, I was building a forest and it was nice to move seamlessly from using the ones in my inventory to buying additional trees. They should make it optional though to prevent accidental purchases.

  5. Yup! Happened to me, too! All of a sudden I was like why are numbers floating to the sky? :/ it was just some trees and I’ve got way too much money, but it’s not nice. Like the confirm donut purchase, you shouldn’t be able to spend without knowing or being fully aware.

  6. I noticed the one about putting an item in your inventory and I went to another item went back to that original Item and was able to store it. I like the buying items from inventory though.

  7. Another quick thing, i have an anon game on my tab, which i don’t use any more, it has some event stuff , i need to do a factoryreset .on my tab..does anyonewant as a second, third, fourth world?

  8. It has happened to me as well. I do not like this because as you said,you keep on plasing stuff “from inventory” but actually buying them! Not nice,especially if the item is pricy.

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