Two by Two, Eggs of Blue

The “interesting” thing about this Easter event is that some players earn pink eggs easier, while others earn blue eggs easier. This is the whole reason swapping eggs with neighbors can be beneficial. If you have a hard time earning blue eggs, you can exchange 100 pink eggs for 50 blue eggs.

It sounds simple, but in practice it can be pretty confusing.

Honestly this whole event feels unnecessarily complicated. Why can’t decorations just be in the shop and purchased for cash, do we really need to work hard collecting eggs for fences? Yes, I’m aware if you collect 50 fences you’ll get 15 donuts. It seems like a safeguard put in place to sustain this event.

If I were designing this event, here is what I would have done…

You know the saying, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”? Well, that would have been the basis for my prize system. Each prize would have had a specific egg cost, and the player could choose which basket they wanted to put their eggs into. This system would have allowed the player to choose which prize they wanted to work towards unlocking first. You could concentrate all of your eggs on one specific prize, or distribute them evenly.

I would have designed it so the pink and blue eggs could be found by all players evenly, eliminating the need for egg swapping.

Gold eggs could still be rare, requiring that you spend perhaps 100 pink or blue eggs on 50 gold eggs. This could add some challenge without things become too ridiculous.

tl;dr – If we can’t have a linear progression of prizes, can we please just stop with all of the slot machine tactics? Let the players have more control over the prizes they want to work towards.

P.S. Dialogue walkthoughs for Shary Bobbins and Crazy Cat Lady are up.

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25 thoughts on “Two by Two, Eggs of Blue”

  1. “Honestly this whole event feels unnecessarily complicated.”Completely Agree!If I were designing this what I would have done would have been:

    Everyone earns pink/blue eggs from the rabbits.One color egg would be just for you to buy items for egg value (enough of the randomization!), the opposite color would be a social only egg for giving to neighbors.The gimmick would be that you paint the odd colored eggs before you drop them in your neighbors towns.In order to collect eggs in your town you have to place a basket (or baskets) for neighbors to deposit eggs.Eggs collected from neighbors count as a the regular solo eggs.The gold egg items would be using a community rewards system like Halloween and Christmas had were every so many eggs given across all players unlocks the next prize for everyone.

  2. When wheel of chance concept was adopted as an additional series of prizes on top of the linear progression set, I thought okay, I’ll be sporting.But ever since EA has adopted it as a prime method for prizes for major events, I’m just pissed off.It’s so frustrating to play the game so much (and pay a lot of money along the way), yet still not be able to get all the prizes I want because of pure shitty luck.Great job, EA, in emulating the one of the worst aspects of life in a beloved game.

  3. I honestly only want 1 prize from the pink or blue boxes — the blocko store which I think should have been the Lego episode tie in building (it could have been premium, I might have considered it even though I’m mostly freemium)My a town has won something like 8 baskets from zapping bunnies, my b town hasn’t won any so I’ve been shoveling eggs from B to A (well 3 baskets worth)…why did EA decide community prizes like Xmas were bad… honestly I think I’m hanging on to finish the questline and then I’ll see if I feel like tapping for 2 weeks (I doubt it)

  4. At first, I thought the concept was fun. But after days of getting nothing but eggs and decorative crap in the Easter Boxes, this looks like Whacking Day all over again, only this time without the cool prizes.

    500 eggs per box is far too much for random prizes. And since the only prize I even kind of want is Shari, I don’t think I’ll be putting too much more effort into this update, which is a shame. 50 fences per 15 donuts is ridiculous as well, considering fences are gone out in 2 and 3 fence sets. Sorry EA, this event was really crappily designed. :p

  5. Ok not feeling OK bad about these evil box’s now. Played my chances on an itchy and scratchy card and won 100 donuts so the crazy cat lady is now a part of the crew.

  6. As much as I LOVE this game, I agree that this event could have been less complicated. What I dont like about the mystery boxes and the wheel is the game of chance. Its like playing the lottery or something. I personnaly never buy lotto tickets and have never been to a casino because games of luck infuriate me on so many levels. Im just glad I have plenty of donuts so that if towards the end im missing some items, I can go wild and buy a butt-load of eggs to win them

  7. All I can say is DOH! I am confused and not sure what I am supposed to be doing at all. I have read all the walkthroughs/statistics/probabilities/percentages and my brain is scrambled. When an egg arrives in a basket I feel suspicious and helpless. I have six bits of easter fence and think I might call it quits there. I know The Simpsons is full of obscure mathematical references, but these are not the stuff of fun games. The boys over at Mensa probably think this is top notch algebraic satire.

  8. I’m disenchanted by this whole campaign .. premium characters have to be won from boxes .. imho I’d rather just earn eggs and spin a wheel .. easier approach

  9. Correct thoughts, FB. Can we please ‘wack’ for guaranteed prizes, EA?

    FYI, my today’s observations:

    1/. This week, I got an iTunes (iTSTO :-) ) card as a present for Easter and bought eggs. I can tell you -and I quote Raventhief from an earlier post- ‘this is a tricky event’.

    2/. Most probably known, but I received a donut while tapping eggs while visiting neighbor-eenos. I have no screenshot (the ultimate prove) of this, but it was clear and I was awake.

    3/. I’m a blue egg collector, but most of my friends that place baskets have pink ones. I do drop some eggs from time to time, but actually it is pretty useless in my case. Placing baskets of both colors would be ideal, but I understand it is impossible, especially if they dissapear every time they are full and you have to gain them from zapping bunnies over and over again.

    4/. If the baskets of a different color are placed too close to each other, it is very difficult to tap on the basket you want for swapping eggs. Collecting eggs is too time-consuming to tap wrong buttons.

    Happy Easter, FB and crew !

  10. I am a pink tapper and I have been zapping bunnies from the beginning, but I haven’t got any baskets.

    1. Check your inventory. I thought I hadn’t found any through tapping either, but so many people were finding them that I checked my inventory, just in case. Sure enough…I had collected one and not noticed!

  11. I love tsto but I’m really fed up of this update already. I begrudge ever paying donuts for eggs because for a holiday event I think its absurd but with already a few fence pieces and gold eggs I feel myself getting invisibly pushed by Ea to do so as I really don’t want a fence long enough to en-circle my town twice to be the highlight of this update. Bah bit-o-rant but really not a happy bunny with the greed aspect on this one.

  12. Did River write this post? Keep flyin’! I like your idea of saving up eggs for specific items.

  13. Great ideas! I wish they would put together a focus group to test their ideas on before they release them.

  14. EA should have simplified it by distinguishing the color of the egg box according to the type of prize you’ll win, like the pink box being for Decorations, blue box for Buildings, and gold box for Characters.

  15. Totally agree that it’s a bit over complicated. Especially when a 500 gold egg box can give you a 300 gold egg reward, seriously.

    Here is at least some good news I’ve noticed. If you are running out of space for new buildings you can place the Mexican restaurant and the banana building on squidport (don’t know about blocko, don’t have it yet)

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