Easter in Springfield?!

Hello Tapperinos! A lot of you have been asking if there is going to be a Whacking Day event this year. Others wanted to know if we will have an Easter event instead. A lot of rumors have  been circulating around the internet regarding this matter lately. We can always speculate but we were all waiting for proof before announcing anything. As you know, EA never releases any press regarding upcoming TSTO content. Today, our friend Bunny (Most. Relevant. Username. Ever) from TSTOaddicts.com got a screenshot of the Easter splash screen from a fan, confirming the upcoming event. When will this special event kick off? There isn’t a way to know for sure but we can make an educated guess that it will be next week. The episode tie-in will end on Monday, leading me to believe the Easter update will occur on Tuesday or Wednesday. I believe this event could last for a few weeks, until early in May. The season finale, Brick Like Me, will air on May 4th and given all the hype surrounding it, we can almost be assured that EA will bring us an episode tie-in update along with it.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you looking forward to an Easter event? Are you disapointed or relieved that there will not be a Whacking Day event? Or Maybe there will be one, later on this year? Leave a comment down below!

37 thoughts on “Easter in Springfield?!

  1. No matter if we get one or the other, I am awfully excited! ^^ I love bunnies!!! *jumps around happily*

  2. Looking forward to Easter. Is anyone else having problems with their game shutting down. I have had it happen several times today, kind of frustrating. It only happens on my iPad, not my android phone. Was wondering what might be causing this. Any ideas? Thanks

  3. I have been looking forward to the whacking day event all year, last year I only had like 5 friends (billy no mates lol) and I manged about 2 of the items on offer. But now with all my fab neighbors I know it would have been a lot more fun. I am ok about an Easter event as I know it will be fun as well (as long as there is no wheel of miss-fortune). One thing I hope for every day though is that EA will release some more land! I’m at the max and EA keep releasing new buildings and I have no where to put ’em *cries*

    • I feel your pain. There’s not much I’m willing to change around…for a while anyways. Such a long process. :O
      That wheel can be troublesome lol

  4. I won’t be happy if this turns out to be real. Whacking Day had some of the best decorations of any event and I missed it. Easter is not much of a holiday in the Simpsons universe. Damn you Jebus, I wanna kill some snakes.

  5. Will EA skip wacking day???
    Will Homer hop around in bunny suit???
    Will EA grant us a new skin???
    Will Lakes & rivers turn to chocolate???
    Will Bunny get her wish of animated bunnies?????????

    Stay Tuned TSTO Fans
    Bunny’s wheels turning and chocolate waterfalls are churning

  6. Will EA skip wacking day???
    Will Homer hop around in bunny suit???
    Will EA grant us a new skin???
    Will Lakes & rivers turn to chocolate???
    Will Bunny get her wish of animated bunnies?????????

    Stay Tuned TSTO Fans
    Bunny’s wheels turning and chocolate waterfalls are churning

  7. Please not another whacking day! It was just too much work ( and hardly any of my neighbors dropped eggs in my town ). But I guess with Easter, we’d be back with eggs again.
    But in the end, free stuff is always a bonus!

    • I had the neighbor problem too last year. Was difficult if you did not have any real friends playing. Then I got a egg buddy through a blog and it went much easier. I think that with us now able to see who does what it may be a bit easier but that all depends on your neighbors.

  8. Hoping for a nice large Easter event….chocolate rivers, eggs, Easter rabbit costume for homer.
    Fingers crossed it come Monday.

  9. When we had to vote on an easter event, I did’nt care much. Now I am actually very excite after seeing the screenshot of Homer in the bunny suit! Cannot wait!!

  10. Was looking forward to whacking day and a bit gutted its not coming. Easter is such a weak holiday

      • To be fair, most of the free stuff is already being sold for donuts. The only things you can’t pay for now were the decorations, Fort Sensible (Eh.), and the costumes (Ninja Homer, Gymnast Lisa, Bare Chested Willie).

    • Another site is showing a conversation that indicates to me that they plan to do both Easter and Wacking Day. All I know is, PLEASE NO WHEEL! I would rather wack like crazy for a deffinite prize, then spin over and over for one you may never get. I HATE the wheel.

  11. I suspect EA will bring the Whacking Day event back, because they have it in their arsenal, but I wasn’t a fan. I am looking forward to an Easter event, since I haven’t played one and am super-duper excited for the Brick (lego) tie-in!

  12. I am a little disappointed. Whacking day was intense but it was still fun and now with all the additions of being able to see what your neighborinos actually do I feel it would have been easier and more fun. As for Easter only time will tell maybe it will be better Lets just hope are snakes from last year do not eat the bunny :-)

  13. It was actually TSTO TopiX who got all the news first posting it last night with a blurred image and recently uploading a new un blurred image.

    • I just stated my source for the info and the image and added a link to it. I was not aware that someone at topix also had a clear screenshot because thats not where I got my info. Anyway, were all friends..

    • I didnt get a chance to play it last year so I was really hoping to put my hands on all the items from last year. *double sigh* but hopefully the easter event will be fun too

      • Agreed.
        They should incorporate a new garage sale including tons of items that were released a long time ago.
        I keep saying cool brown house in my head over and over lol.
        Wouldn’t mind that pink space car thing Fat Tony’s limo either.

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