A Glitch or a Purposeful Pot of Gold?

There is either a mini-glitch in the game or an awesome new way to (slowly) earn XP. If your neighbors purchased the Sham Rock Café, which does the business of “Enjoying an Organic Ice Green Coffee” every 12 hours for $300 and 30 XP, then they will have a tiny little Yupprechaun running around their Springfield. Tap Yupprechaun as many times as you like for money and XP!


In my “tests,” I earned $6 and 2 XP multiple times (after tapping three buildings in the town for Friend Points). When I tap Yupprechaun, he says some gibberish, followed by, “southern Tuscany,” in an Irish accent. I guess that’s where yuppie leprechauns go for a holiday! He will also say, “plasma screen TV,” after some gibberish, too. He must drink his organic green iced coffee while watching high-definition TV; this guy lives quite the life!

Is this happening to you? Do your friends have the Sham Rock Café? If so, go on a quest for some small increments of XP like it’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Let’s hope this is not a glitch like the Squidport tile trick (in that it will disappear in a future update); rather, let’s hope this is a bit of Irish luck! Happy tapping!


8 thoughts on “A Glitch or a Purposeful Pot of Gold?

  1. As I commented 10 days ago, I did notice this glitch/feature (in the Should I Get The Sham Rock Café post). I have not tried it since, as I now have my own, which pay more thanks to my multipliers. I hope some of my neighbours take advantage of my Yupprechaun too! :-)

  2. I just rather sit in my own Springfield tapping the leprechauns. Unless the XP earned in a friend’s town is huge, why chase him down over there?

    • I think it is more a post for those that don’t have their own Rainbow Cafe. This allows those that didn’t have donuts to still play with the Yuppiechaun. I used to do that with the Leprechaun from last year since I didn’t have him. I would tap him and watch him run. :)

  3. I think a muck better way to quickly get some money is to catck Sideshow Bob in the Other Springfield at the Squidport Entrace. He’s always around there and gives 52 bucks when catched.

  4. Very cool. After visiting two friends with the Yupprechaun and several tries he left me XP only once, but a few bucks every time. Funny how they take off after you tap the leprechauns. I wasn’t playing with last years St. Paddy’s day event and had no idea the other one took off like that too (just with no reward) :)

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