What’s Next? – Friend Points

One of the latest additions to TSTO is an enhanced social experience involving visiting your friends’ towns. When you visit your neighbors you can earn Friend Points that will unlock new content for your town. The prizes for Friend Points, so far, include the Olmec Head, Snowball II, Homer’s Car, and Stampy the elephant.

Olmec Head Lisa and Snowball

These are all cool prizes. Once all of these prizes have been earned, players make more money and XP when visiting their friends’ towns, plus there is a chance of earning the occasional donut. This ability to earn free donuts is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the Friend Points system.

Many of you have already earned all of the available prizes. According to an information screen in the game, there may be another prize down the line that can be earned with a Friend Points update (maybe). That prize? Slacker Lisa! What do you think? Is it possible that Lisa will get a new costume soon as part of a Friend Points update? What other prizes might you want to see as part of the Friend Point system?

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26 thoughts on “What’s Next? – Friend Points

    • That would be cool! We could have a big apartment building complex section of town with Patty’s and Selma’s and Kirk’s apartment buildings in all the same place. :)

  1. The Slacker skin for Lisa could come with the seashell skin for Homer’s car. It’s from the same episode. And it would make a nice animation to have some seagulls dive bombing the car.

  2. Hi all, I’d love to see spider pig, I think he and homer could have some great dialog!! On another note I’m really struggling with the friend points on my second game, I only have 3 friends and would really appreciate you adding me my username is ryanleesmart, I’m still stuck on level 2!! Please help!!

  3. What’s next? My Android updated and crashed; my iPad did not update, but crashed…oy!

  4. oy! u left out the singing sirlion. i would like it if plopper (spider-pig/harry plopper) was one of the future prizes. also yes i would to have that costume for lisa but its gonna be called “cool” lisa. if you saw the episode “Summer of 4 Ft. 2” thats where she got the look. “like you know…whatever”

  5. I love this idea…the ability to win prizes that I’m excited about having in my town…for doing nothing other than what I’ve already been doing is awesome. Although, the free donuts have eluded me thus far….and I finished with friend points quite some time ago. Are you guys finding donuts frequently?

    • I got Stampy a little over a week ago. Typically I’ve gotten 2 donuts with each round of visits to all 100 neighbors, but once I only got one donut and once I got none.

  6. I’d love to see some fun new content, as well as maybe chances to get old episode tie-in content.

    As an aside, I just wanted to say I’m really loving all of your posts and your writing enthusiasm. Keep up the great work, and keep having fun. :)

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