Should I Purchase Strupo?

The War of Art episode tie-in features a premium item: The Strupo Statue. For twenty donuts, you can have a small statue of a liquor bottle that provides 0.50% bonus money and XP to all Jobs.

Strupo Statue

According to the episode, Strupo is the official drink of Isla Verde. Its slogan is, “Lose everything.” The server at Café Artiste, which sells Gelato (like every other store on Isla Verde), describes Strupo as, “a liquor made of fermented capers.” Homer describes it as, “not delicious.” The end of the episode features a sketch on Strupo: it’s been called the “grey troll, brine of madness, and angels’ urine.”

Originally, Strupo was used to dissolve seagull corpses. Strupo is “a drink of last resort.” With these ringing endorsements, the question for you—which you’ll need to make quickly, as this limited item could disappear anytime—is whether to buy or pass on the Strupo Statue. Here are some pros and cons to consider.


  • Limited time (probably won’t be back again)
  • Cool statue, if you like statues of liquor bottles
  • Gives a small bonus to money and XP
  • Can buy as many as you want


  • It does nothing in terms of animation or sound
  • It is small
  • Hard to place (not sure what else in the town goes with a liquor bottle)
  • Costs 20 donuts


Unless you collect bottles, really enjoyed the Strupo humor in the episode, or are a completionist, I think the Strupo Statue is probably a pass. There are other ways to get a 0.50% bonus to jobs that might be more valuable in your town. Then again, it is a limited item and if you don’t buy now, then it could disappear forever! Let us know if you bought the Strupo Statue in the comments!



10 thoughts on “Should I Purchase Strupo?

  1. Do’h! I just went to buy it as I won the 3 donuts on the level up that’s not a level up thingy, so had enough to get it……….and it’s gone already :(

    • Oh no Stubee :( … If we ever get a update where we can give our neighbours real presents out of our inventory, i promise to give you one. As i have 4 and i don’t actually need four, im just greedy lol.

  2. I bought a few of them as i like the items that give a bonus on xp and $. I have just randomly placed them around my town as im constructing a few buildings, once I’ve finished i will find them a good home.

  3. Thanks for the post. This statue is hard to place to date, indeed. Although over time some earlier limited decorations were offered and did not relate directly to other items, you could locate it nicely in later updates. Creativity and patience.

  4. I actually do collect miniature bottles. My other alias in another life is Miniature-collector-uk.

  5. I put mine next to the DMV. I love unique decorations that provide bonus to Xp and $. No brainier for me.

  6. I purchased the Strupo statue for both of my towns and placed them by Moes. Watched the episode Sunday night which I quite enjoyed. Liked how the tie in made sense finally,and I really loved the look of Isla Verde. Sure wish we could have an area like that in Springfield…very tropical…pretty!

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