Here Always, Here Sometimes, Here for a Limited Time

Have you noticed that some premium items are offered for sale in the build menu in different ways? Some items, like Frink’s lab, are always there basically from the beginning of the game to tempt players to spend some donuts. You will seemingly have forever to decide whether you want some items in your town or not. Go ahead and take some time to think about it—it’ll be at the store, if (when?) you decide to buy a non-limited time item (no rush)!


But other items require a more hurried shopping experience, because if you don’t buy soon, they may disappear for up to a year or for forever. It seems like items that are offered during seasonal events will eventually make their way back into the game. So, if you missed Santa’s Village during Christmas, for example, don’t fret too much, it may be available the next holiday event.

The episode tie-ins, seemingly like Gil’s bargains, are only around when they are around, and there does not seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when or whether they will ever return. In the case of Gil, I think you can expect him to return, but I also think you can expect his deals to change. Except maybe his spectacular Christmas sale when donuts are discounted, that might (hopefully) be a seasonal tradition forever.

gil(Hint: take advantage of Gil’s discount donut deals during Christmas, because, if you play all the time, they are a good value in my view, especially when combined with sales for iTunes or Google Play gift cards.)

The episode tie-ins seem to be one-and-done offers. Either you take advantage of the offer to buy—or get taken advantage of, depending upon your feelings about the purchase afterwards—as the items do not seem to return for purchase. This makes the episode tie-in deals particularly exciting or stressful (again, depending upon your point of view). You have to act fast with episode tie-in deals.

How do you feel about the limited nature of some items for sale in TSTO? Are there items you wished you had purchased but now cannot? Are there items you’re hoping for in a new update? Do you fear that some particular item is forever lost to the digital EA storage yard? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


18 thoughts on “Here Always, Here Sometimes, Here for a Limited Time

  1. I want the snake speakers that were available during Whacking Day! I was pretty new to the game at the time, so I passed on them even though I love music and thought they looked so cool.

  2. I’ve just been playing since late last year so there are a lot of things I see in my neighbors’ towns that I wish I had access to. I wish I could get a Mapple Store in particular.

  3. I’m waiting for the cool brown house and especially cool Homer to return. I really hope EA will not disappoint us…

  4. The Cool Brown House with Cool Homer, is one I missed out on and one I hope EA will make available again at some point, so I can get it, I think it was an episode tie in item so I am not sure they will, which is a shame. If I have spare donuts then I will usually buy the limited time items, but if I don’t then I won’t buy donuts just to get them, unless it’s the Cool Brown House ofc ;)

    • You’re right with the episode tie-in, it reduces chance. But EA even brought back the Duff racer which was the first limited time item in the game (as far as I know). I was really surprised when it was available again, because I thought they would never bring it back…

      • The Duff racer was an interesting return. It was free originally and then brought back as a pricey cash (not donut) item. I don’t think it was an episode tie-in, however. The Cool Brown House was an episode tie-in. Has there ever been a return of an episode tie-in before? I can’t think of one case, but I’m not 100% sure. The Cool Brown House came with a costume for Homer and unique tasks. That was also unusual.

  5. so far the swanky fish is my only regret of not purchased limited content. n i had 2 chances. i hope a 3rd times the charm so i may add it to me springfield.

    • The Swanky Fish is pretty cool—I send Kent Brockman there all the time, he must be sick of sushi by now! Hopefully it’ll come back, because as you said it’s been brought back once already. Third time might be the charm!!

  6. Limited time items work as a business strategy, because people will spend more to get things they know they won’t be able to get again, even if they really don’t want them. If you buy everything for the sake of completion, EA has your number… more specifically your money.

    I’m pretending that you can’t buy donuts, but must earn them. This makes most things nigh impossible to get, but I’m very close to earning my first free premium valued at 150 donuts, with just 10 more donut to earn before I can grab it.

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