Let’s Speculate – X-Files Invade TSTO!

It’s time to engage in wild, unfounded speculation! How cool would it be to have an X-Files event in TSTO? Come on, let’s dream about it together!

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On January 12, 1997, during Season 8 (Episode 10), The Simpsons delivered an homage to the X-Files. The great Leonard Nimoy narrated the episode, which featured FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as Simpsons characters. For fans of both the cartoon and the science fiction drama, it is great TV. The episode features Homer Simpson getting drunk (shocking!) and reporting a story about seeing a green creature that glows. People do not believe Homer, so he “borrows” Ned Flanders’ camcorder and records what he saw to prove he’s not crazy. When he captures video of the creature, a media circus ensues, which is followed by a sighting of the creature and a gathering of Springfielders who begin to turn into (what else?) an angry mob.

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Lisa ends up saving the day, or I should say, Mr. Burns, because that’s who the creature actually is. Trying to “cheat death,” Mr. Burns goes through a weekly regimen that involves him turning into a glowing green creature who says, “I bring you peace.” Quite a Burns Monster (if you know what I mean)! Thanks to Lisa’s good judgment and activism, all ends well in Springfield and everything resets back to where they started by the credits.

How could this classic episode be turned into an event in TSTO in 2014?

I know it’s early, but think: Halloween!X Files

Instead of releasing ghosts in town or zombies, those two effects are sort of combined into glowing green creatures that roam around your town and can transform your Springfield characters into aliens by touch. Players have to tap on the glowing green creatures, which are released from Frink’s lab every few hours, to earn Goo. How is that different from what we’ve already seen in TSTO? Well, this time it’s “alien” Goo! “Big difference,” I can foresee the game’s joke writers stressing in the dialogue boxes during the rollout of the event.

The storyline could include a callback to the 1997 X-Files episode by bringing both Scully and Mulder into the game as permanent characters. They could come with an FBI building and do tasks with Springfield’s police force. Imagine Wiggum giving Mulder a piggyback ride like the Blue Haired Lawyer does for Mr. Burns! A classic alien figure could be an NPC available, of course, for donuts, and Mitch Pileggi who played Walter Skinner in the X-Files (he was the Assistant Director of the FBI) could be a premium character (imagine the tomfoolery he and Principal Skinner could get into due to confusion over their names). Homer and Bart could get alien masks as costumes, while Lisa gets a Sherlock Holmes costume (because she becomes a detective who figures out that the aliens are just clones of Mr. Burns from an experiment gone wrong in Frink’s lab). An Alien Burns costume would also be available.


Crazy Zombie

What do you think? Would you be interested in playing this imaginary event for real and getting Scully and Mulder as permanent characters in TSTO? Let us know if you want to see the X-Files in TSTO!

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Speculate – X-Files Invade TSTO!

  1. What about adding Leonard Nimoy too. I recently wrote a wishlist of stuff that I want to see in game and this was on it. Not as a Halloween event (They seem to use a treehouse of horror from what I’ve seen, but I’ve only started tapping recently) but just as a small filler update it’d be cool too. I believe the character drawings belong to the Simpsons team but the voices are the issue so they’d have to be silent characters.
    Great idea though I’d definitely love this for my town.

  2. Fun idea for sure, but I can only imagine what the licensing situation would be on the backend. Both were Fox shows, but I bet they’d have to jump through a lot of hoops to get to use the actual Mulder and Scully characters in the game. I’m sure whatever rights they agreed to for the episode started and stopped with that episode alone.

  3. Absolutely love the idea – I like your out-of-the-box thinking. Great article, keep up the good work! :)

  4. This would be an amazing event! I would love to get the Mr Burns “I bring you peace” alien costume as a permanent fixture. I would even pay donuts for it. I want it that badly…are you listening EA?

  5. Would be awesome, although X files characters would be non voiced and probably 300 donuts each!

    Would also like to see Sherry Bobbins!

  6. There is a flaw with your Halloween idea. What if the person playing doesn’t have Frinks Lab? They would be screwed.

    • I worried about that, but we could just learn about the lab experiment gone wrong from the dialogue boxes, so folks don’t have to have the lab to enjoy the story. The alien Burns creatures would just appear in town whether players had the lab or not. …alternatively, the lab could be a new building given to players for free (that’d be sweet), or we could get a modified “alien” lab (like the donut shop skin last Halloween). If you’re listening EA, this could work! ;)

  7. An X-Files event would be awesome and I would love a Mulder & Scully (especially Scully, hehe) character in the game. Good post again :)

  8. Not a bad idea. Would be nice and fun. I missed both the Halloween and the Christmas event last year, so i hope that this years halloween and christmas event would be just as awesome as lasy years (looked it up on kclovesgaming)

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