Mr. Plow vs. Plow King

Who would you call for your snow removal needs? This Christmas has been a treat, because not only do we have a chance to earn Mr. Plow for free, but we also get a chance to earn a free Plow King costume for Barney.

Unfortunately a costume is only good if you have the character to wear it, so maybe Mr. Plow has cornered the snow removal market in your Springfield. It is certainly the case in my town, as I have no interest in spending 250 on Barney’s Bowlarama.

Still, it’s nice that he left his plow behind. Of all the vehicles that you place on the road, the Plow King’s Plow is one of my favorites. Homer should think about using that plow for himself, especially after everything Barney did to him in the Plow King storyline. Though Homer did blow-up an entire town, which inadvertently took out his only business competition. Still, at least he didn’t do it maliciously, so my vote goes to Mr. Plow.

On the other hand, who needs either of them when we can just wait for a future app update to remove all of the snow for us? It mimics my preferred snow removal strategy: waiting for warmer weather.

20 thoughts on “Mr. Plow vs. Plow King

  1. I think, most players find the price for Barney annoying. For an event I normally spend 20 $ for donuts and buy some nice costumes or whatever. To spend complete the money for one item is not worth it!

    I hope that the spinning wheel will reward me with Mr.Plow. This costume should be offered for donuts like the icy figures. 5% probability means, you have to spin 20 times.

    Dear Mister Plow,


  2. Mr plow is the only guy who actually attempts to get rid of the snow.
    Either by melting it or using his tractor plow.
    Mr plow all the way for me.
    Ps… I am slightly annoyed that I paid donuts for Mr Plow costume and now he’s free!!

  3. Im leaning towards Mr. Plow because he has a family to support but im still gonna use Plow King ever now and then so the other guy can do other stuff around town. He tends to get busy during special events and level updates.

  4. P.P.P.P.S

    (Please don’t block me for spam, just two final questions)

    A lot of people (including me) still have some great/not money things to win on the Holiday Spin Wheel of Hell (Claus. Co, Ice Monster and Helter Shelter for me). Is it worth dishing out precious Doh-nuts on tokens?
    And finally, do you win anything good after completing “Too much of a good thing” or should I still do ” Make Springfielders Hunt for Simpsons Unless They’re Pretending to Ski”. (Hunting and some visiting of friends earns 4 tokens a day if I don’t get Barted (see below)

    A big thank you to replies!

    • I say save your donuts for something more special than Krusty spin tokens.

      No special prize at end of long quest, so keep sending your Springfielders on-task if you need the gift cards for individual prizes (eg Costingtons).

  5. mr plow is a loser
    and I think he’s a boozer
    so you better give it up to the plow king!

    seriously though mr plow is way better

  6. P.P.P.S

    I started TSTO in the final few weeks of the 2012 Christmas update and was lucky enough to get Barney’s bow lama and King Plow this year. I was wondering if people who haven’t bought the bow lama get Barney as a single character without the *BOWLARAMA* (I just realised(stupid auto-correct) or have to store King Plow in the inventory.

  7. Mr. Plow’s tasks earn premium rate…and the only costume I have for Homer that earns premium so he’ll be plowing sidewalk all year, lol

  8. Hello! I know this isn’t the right place to write this but here it goes.
    Whenever I try to log in between 6:00pm-1:00pm in Perth, AUSTRALIA (AWST), I can sometimes see my Springfield for 5-10 seconds but then I get Barted (“cannot connect to server”). The problem started after Christmas Day and is wasting valuable Gift Cards for Spin Tokens. I have deleted and re-installed the app but there has been no change whatsoever. I am on level 30 and I have a lot of decorations, land and a bit of premium stuff.
    Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it? What is causing it? Should I sell some of my decorations? Should I store everything in the inventory? Should I stop asking questions?

    Any help would be great!

    Extra comments and questions below.

    • If doing all this didnt work, you should contact EA via their website so your game can be fixed. And although your questions are unrelated to this thread, we always try to answer the best we can :)

    • Hi, I’ve been having a lot of problems logging into the game, for the entire Christmas update. I chatted with someone in India from tech-support (ha ha), then called someone in America on the phone. Unfortunately they don’t support iOS games over the phone. The best guess he had was to download the origin software on your computer and delete your friends. I went from 99 friends to 14 and have only had a little bit better luck logging in. I am only able to log into my game one time a day, at best. Hopefully when the Christmas update is over, things will return to normal.

  9. I still haven’t been able to get the Plow King outfit from the wheel. I have everything from the wheel but that, and I’m running out of time. But I have 10 tokens saved up…

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