Here Comes the Plow King

Last winter, Mr Plow was added to the game (for 90 donuts) so it was only a matter of time before a Plow King costume for Barney was created. You can’t buy this costume though, you have to earn it as one of the prizes on the Holiday Wheel. Though it does seem to make it appear you will have to win the Mr. Plow costume first.

So what happens if you don’t have Barney and you win the costume? It may just stay in your inventory, should you ever decide to purchase the Bowlarama. There is a possibility of that you can acquire him after unlocking the Plow King’s Plow, but that is only speculation.

Unlocking the Plow King costume sets off a five-part quest line, which you can follow along with in both abridged and unabridged form. It’s a bit odd how he only monologues to himself in this quest line. Perhaps the whole experience are just the inner-thoughts of a man who has been drinking too much alcohol.

15 thoughts on “Here Comes the Plow King

  1. i have the plow king and he hasn’t started any quests for me
    mr plow started his…do I have to wait until those are finished for plow king to start?

  2. I got the Plow King costume on my third spin of the wheel! What a great addition to the game. I bet you’d have to purchase Barney’s Bowlarama with Barney, before unlocking this limited time costume.

      • I know you can’t win Barney on the wheel, but I’m curious what happens if you don’t have Barney and win the costume. Maybe the Plow King’s Plow will work like the Victorian UFO unlocking Kang.

      • Yeah, I have the plow king outfit and the plow king’s plow in my backup game. The game just tells me I have to first purchase the bowlarama to use this costume. Kind of a letdown prize in that aspect.

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