It’s early, don’t waste your donuts on the Holiday Wheel!

From what I’ve seen in mentioned in the comments, players are blowing through donuts faster than Homer left alone in the break room. You don’t need to waste your donuts on spin tokens. All you need is patience!

The first personal prize is the Egg Nog Bar, which automatically generates one free spin token every twenty-four hours. Given that the event doesn’t end until Jan. 7th, this will give you roughly twenty-six completely free spins.

If you acquired all of the decorated house façades from last year, there are only 14 unique prizes you can win. For those who are experiencing a Tapped Out Christmas for the first time, there are 28 unique prizes to win, which pretty much gives you a great opportunity to win something new every day.

Sure, you might get a couple of zonks by landing on the a gift card or $1000 cash wedge, but there will always be another opportunity for another free spin tomorrow. You might even come across a spin token by opening presents.

There may be some prizes you desperately want, like the Claus Co building, but is it really worth going through your whole donut budget for something you could have eventually won for free had just waited patiently for your next free spin token to generate? If you’re going to go spin token crazy, do it on Jan. 6th.

P.S. After you collect all 10 personal prizes, every additional 1,000 gift cards will get you another completely free spin token. So if you can breeze through to 30,000 gift cards, odds are you’ll also collect plenty of spin tokens before the event ends.

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  1. It gave me about 10 extra bonus spins for every 1000 gift cards up until I hit 40000. Bow it says I am done and won’t let me earn anymore spins. I don’t know if its a glitch or not cause the token icon on the left is still there and wont go away…..

  2. I got all the personal prizes a couple days ago and then it said you can get a spin token for every 1000 gift cards. That worked for a few tokens but now it’s frozen and I’ve missed out on at least 5 tokens. The token icon in my task bar doesn’t reset, it just says 1000/1000 – done. Anybody else having this problem or know of a solution? Thanks for any help. Posted on the EA forum as well but haven’t heard back yet.

  3. I got all the personal prizes a couple days ago and then it said you can get a spin token for every 1000 gift cards. That worked for a few tokens but now it’s frozen and I’ve missed out on at least 5 tokens. The token icon in my task bar doesn’t reset, it just says 1000/1000 – done. Anybody else having this problem or know of a solution? Thanks for any help. I posted in EA forums but haven’t heard back.

  4. Just hit 30,000 gift cards and received all my personal prizes. Admittedly, I’ve been lucky on the wheel already: won Mr Plow, the Plow King, and the Helter Shelter so far. But I figure now if I keep on visiting all my 100 friends every day and get my daily token too, that’s 80+ tokens completely free (with 20 days being left in the event). No offense to anyone who couldn’t wait, it’s your choice, but I think you’re going to regret it big time. If after I’ve spent all 80 I still don’t have all the prizes, then I’ll worry about spending donuts or not. But that will be on 6 Jan, and not before.

  5. “P.S. After you collect all 10 personal prizes, every additional 1,000 gift cards will get you another completely free spin token. So if you can breeze through to 30,000 gift cards, odds are you’ll also collect plenty of spin tokens before the event ends.”

    I have read some conflicting information about this, with some folks saying it only happens at the *first* 1000 giftcards post-personal prize completion. (So, for clarity’s sake, that this happens once and only once at 31000 gift cards collected.) But it also seems like there is a lot of confusion amongst tappers commenting various places about the difference between gift bags and gift cards and pre-completion of personal prizes gift card collection and post-completion of personal prizes gift card collection, etc etc. From my perspective, it’s the main incentive to keep tappin’ for giftcards after you hit 30k cards collected, so to have it come up only once seems like a super weird decision.

    I should be able to test this out for sure for myself soon, but I knew you would be able to confirm or deny that this is how it works. Should I be looking forward to 3 spins of the wheel per day for visiting my full slate of neighboreenos once I reach 30k giftcards tomorrowish, or just one, ever?

    • ps: You’ve clearly answered this in this thread. (Sorry, I have been looking at a lot of threads about this and thought I had already read the comments in this one.) Please feel free not to pass this reply or comment through moderation and thanks for always being on top of the info. Cheers!

      • Me too. First spin won Christmas Skinner House skin. That seemed pretty rubbish, but it’s all been downhill from there… Then another Lisa snowman, and last three spins = $1,000. Would rather have a ‘you’ve lost’ than a duplicate/insulting prize!

  6. I spent about 300 donuts on the wheel so far. The only item I am missing is the Homer Mr. Plow outfit.

    Although I’ve seen the Barney Plow King outfit posted on sites, I don’t see that as an available option on my wheel. I have Homer as Mr Plow and the rest are cash and gift cards. Perhaps after I unlock Mr. Plow, the plow king slice opens up>

  7. Has anyone actually reached the 1000 gift card for 1 coin bonus? I’ve heard reports that the bonus only works once, not repeatedly for each thousand.

  8. Maybe a bit stupid question, perhaps a bit unrelated, but – the building in the picture in your post, is that another thing you can get during this update? I don’t think I’ve seen it this far…

  9. Anyone else experiencing a glitch where the bonus coins you get for collecting a thousand cards aren’t showing up?

    On my taskbar I have the gold coin and when I tap on it it shows “collect 1,000 coins” and then where there would be a pink box that says ‘DONE!’ there is just the word ‘DONE!’ and no box around it, and nothing happens when I tap on it.

  10. So far I have the lights for the Simpsons house and a snowman of Marge. I look forward to my spin each morning and I’m hoping I will be able to get most of the wheel without spending any doughnuts.

  11. I have a question about collecting coins from the eggnog bar. If it generates one every 24 hours, do I need to be there to tap on the building and collect the coin or does it just accumulate in the coin counter at the top of the screen, automatically?

      • I’ve found that even when I miss my coin by 30 minutes, someone has already tapped it. If you keep your egg nog bar close to your present depot, I think you will have no problem. There are so many people visiting each other’s towns that even if someone consciously didn’t know they were helping you out by resetting the 24 hour timer for you, they’d probably tap it on accident!

      • Thanks! Someone tapped it for me and on my 3rd spin of the wheel I won Plow King! I missed last xmas, so all of this is new. I like this update/event more than whacking, thanksgiving and maybe even Halloween (maybe).

  12. Ya practicing patience now got over my TSTOCD (kinda) am close to the 6th personal prize and plan to keep grinding gift cards till the very end to get every free gold coin I can. I’ll get the Clause Co building if it kills me.

    • Me too. My general rule for the game is to not pay donuts for something I can eventually get for free by waiting. Also, I’m really looking forward to the daily spins. If I had tons of coins I don’t think I’d be very excited about them.

  13. I spent 100 donuts on the coins and I managed to get everything. Not a bad deal in my opinion. If you’re tight on donuts, you should definitely wait, as I now have 20 coins from collecting gifts and such.

      • I think Kevin….. Is saying if we didn’t have the option to wait and had to purchase everything individually it would have cost a lot more than 100 donuts… For the impatient people :D I just had to have the “abominable” snowman… So THIS impatient person *guilty* bought 10 coins. I got him! But I was also a bit annoyed at the $1000. So, now I’m gonna be a bit more patient. PS. I really love waking up every day to see presents under my tree,

  14. I completely agree with FB’s reasoning.

    During Halloween we could only collect 8-12 goo per friend visited, and the bonus round required 2000 extra goo. This meant that you needed to visit between 250 and 170 friends to get the bonus donuts. I found it was one bonus round every 2 or 3 days working pretty hard for goo.

    During Christmas we can collect 30 gift cards per friend visited, and the bonus round only requires 1000 extra gift cards. This means you need to only visit about 33 friends to get the bonus coin. I figure that I can make 2-3 bonus coins per day once I get to all the personal prizes collected, as you still get extra gift cards from the gift bag and gift drops. That’s in addition to the one free one every day from the Egg Nog Bar.

    • Thanks for agreeing, and you’re right. The bonus will be way easier since you only 1,000 for the bonus instead of 2,000. If players who have and visit 100 friends each day, they’ll be plenty set for spin coins before the event ends.

      • Do you know if you have to be in your town right after you get each thousand to get each coin? At Halloween the counter wouldn’t reset until you synced back to your town. Thus having “wasted goo.” With the new features I’m motoring through my friends towns so I wouldn’t want to collect all 3000 cards to only get one coin.

  15. I read elsewhere that after you collect all the 30,000 gift cards, you will receive spin tokens for each additional 1,000 gift cards collected. Not sure if this has been confirmed yet, but certainly another reason to hold on to those donuts.

    • I’ve tried multiple times to find a good way to cheat the system and have it land on the prize you want, or at least close to it. Nothing seemed to work though.

    • I actually was able to spin the wheel slower and it help me to gain good prices (gamblin and I not a good combination) I even spin it backwards and BINGO so try a little bit and you’ll see is not that hard. You can even move one space without lifting your finger and it will not count as a spin (personal experience)

  16. Good advice, FB. Patience is the key for obtaining the items on the wheel.

    Do you get an extra golden coin when your XP bar is full, together with the free donuts?

    • I agree with you: I’ve already spent 50 coins, and I still need to get 2 prizes.
      The only way to get all the prizes, without spend any donuts, is being REALLY lucky (not my case) =P

      • Well after you get all the personal prizes, every 1000 gift cards gets you another spin token too. So if you breeze through all 10 prizes, you’ll earn lots of spin coins.

      • From what I am hearing with the way the wheel works “screws you over” you’ll need at least 50 to 90 coins to win all the prizes ! unless you’re very lucky!!

    • Once you have all of the personal prizes, you will get a coin for every 1000 gift cards collected. Some folks who rushed the prizes with donuts are reporting that (like Holloween) you have to be in Springfield to collect the bonus on or near 1000.

    • For people who play as often as our readers, it should be breeze between random drops, the Egg Nog Bar, and the bonus coins you can earn after getting all the personal prizes.

  17. Found a gold coin in either a gift bag or gift box. Not sure which one…
    Either way, it was a nice surprise! Won my last decorated house facade!

  18. LMFAO you actually made me laugh out loud. ”
    Players blowing through donuts faster then homer left alone in the break room”
    Classic line…very few people make me laugh..congrats your one of them..

  19. I totally agree. I purchased the snowmen I had missed last year as soon as the update hit and now I’m full of regret. Better to wait and see what I can get from the wheel first and hold onto those precious donuts.

  20. I agree on this one. I blew through some donuts to spin, but I’m going to get a bunch of free ones as I’ll probably hit the personal prize limit by early next week at this pace. I’m going to try to be patient to see what I get for free, then I may buy some more coins towards the end of the event if there’s a couple of items I still don’t have.

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