The best decoration, and it’s not something new

If you think that just because there is snow on the ground that it’s time to pack-up the Halloween decorations, think again. If you had the foresight to purchase some of the limited time decorations during the Treehouse of Horror event a few months ago, you can spruce up your town with some Spooky Trees.

Hey, it’s bone-chilling cold outside now! They might just be skeletons, but they’re just about the only ones dressed for the weather! Maybe the citizens of Springfield should think about donning a scarf and a pair of mittens if they don’t want to end up meeting a similar fate.

Credit: This great find was brought to my attention by Reddit user goldenratio1111.

10 thoughts on “The best decoration, and it’s not something new

  1. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but several of the new Xmas items (for example the lamp posts) are permanent purchases – as in you can keep them out on display or in your inventory, but you can’t sell them. You get the ‘no deal, you can’t sell this!’ line. I made the mistake of purchasing a ton of American flags a while back thinking I could just get the XP and then sell them… Just a warning to others!! :)

  2. I like sending Chalmers out to “live off the land” – with the campfire in the middle of a forest. He is *really* not dressed for the weather now that it’s snowing, which might explain why he looks so distressed.

    I assume he’s the one who’s been wandering around the forest covering the shrubs. At least that keeps him busy while I’m not watching.

  3. I agree with the fact that the citizens of my Springfield are not dressed for the snow except when the are on quests. In fact I wasn’t thinking and put many of my characters on the one hour tasks while waiting for Lisa to finish making snow angels. Have to admit Kent brockman lounging in a speedo and Selma hula dancing in the snow was quite comical

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