Sharing is Caring, a.k.a. the Community Prizes

We’re going to have to work together to unlock the community prizes. The first thing you need to know is what you can do to help make the total grow. It all comes down to gift bags, which can only be placed in your neighbors towns, up to five per day in each town.

When you see a gift bag in your town, you can tap on it to receive more gift cards (and possibly some more gift bags), the same way you would with presents.

The catch with the community prizes this time is that it isn’t counting the total number of gift cards, it’s counting the total number of gift bags. This is the reason the required amount to unlock each prize is significantly lower than the number we were expected to achieve during Halloween.

Some have speculated that this counter isn’t actually representative of the current progress, and is more-or-less a glorified countdown clock guaranteeing us all five prizes before the event ends. Regardless, visiting your neighbors is an important aspect of the game and is just as beneficial to you as it is the community.

So what are the prizes, and what numbers do we need to achieve to unlock them? That information is posted after the break. If you don’t want to be spoiled, avoid reading this post any further.

Christmas Totem 450,000,000
Santa’s Workshop 1,000,000,000
Ebenezer Burns 1,500,000,000
The Yes Guy 2,000,000,000
Candy Cooling Tower 2,500,000,000

26 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring, a.k.a. the Community Prizes

  1. I honestly don’t think we’re going to get anywhere near collecting all the community prizes. The gift bags appear even less frequently than the Gremlins did in the Halloween update. Honestly, I think Packages should be generated after collecting some fixed # of Gift Cards. (having to use donuts to to buy packages is just wrong – might as well just make the Community Prizes premium content), I’m just not feeling as stoked for the community effort as I did at Halloween.

  2. Hmm guys. I´v nearly 50 gift bags per day. I use to visit every 100 neighburs a day. I hope we get the yeeees guy. But…
    I only get one Coin all 24 hours. Not yet any coin by visiting somone else. Does anyone know how the chance is to become a coin there? At Helloween we got a donut per 1000 ghost…
    …and by the way.. When you´ve reached your personal final–is there a chance to earn more donuts like in the helloween chalenge??
    thks 4 reply!

  3. Thanks for all these great informative posts! I’m very excited for the community prizes, let’s hope we’ll reach all 5 targets… :D

  4. Is anyone else not finding a lot of gift bags? I don’t mean people leaving them, but finding them in presents. I’m tapping my brother’s town while he is on vacation and he’s gotten 25 of them. I’ve only found 4.

    • I have noticed an inconsistency with this so far. My primary town has received about 40 of them and my secondary town closer to 15 in the past 24 hrs. This happened in the reverse for the Halloween event with the gremlins.

  5. Not sure how this is going to work out. Based on the current counter we are tracking at about 10 million per day. At that rate we will need 45 days to hit the first prize. I’ve only recieved around 20 to 25 gift bags in this first 24 hours. Considering I can potentially leave five bags per town I’m currently running at 4 to 5% capacity for gift bags. I hope EA has something up their sleeves.

    • According to my calculations in order to get all 5 community prizes TSTO players should be delivering 92,592,593 gift bags daily. The first 24hrs we delivered almost 15,000,000. At this rate we won’t even reach the 1st community prize unless we all buy a butt load of gift bags with boat loads of donuts. I’d rather used my hard earned donuts on what I want now & in the future rather than, oh lets see, 24 gift bags for 30 donuts.

    • There is a section on this blog dedicated to finding and adding neighbor-eenos, if you look on the right side of the page towards the top, just above the twitter feed. It’s a handshake logo.

  6. Just curious, are you working on a count down calendar for personal & community prizes? Found them useful for Halloween 2013.

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