Travel Made Easy, a new feature

Traveling to your neighbors towns has just been made even easier. Instead of backing out to the map, you can just tap on the left or right destination arrows to be taken to a different neighbor’s town. This should dramatically speed-up the gift-giving part of this holiday-themed update.

It’s always nice to see the developers take the time to address concerns and improve the overall functionality of the game for players. Will this new improvement encourage you to visit your neighbors more often? What’s that? You don’t have enough neighbors? Well add your name to this list, and add the user names of others to your town too. It’s never too late to get social.

13 thoughts on “Travel Made Easy, a new feature

  1. Sooo much better! The “finder” is a nice touch, too. I missed xmas last year, so I’m super excited about this update. Add me: Tadorama

  2. Hi,
    Just a quick note in re the Christmas update and gift bag “drop.” Unlike Whacking Day, where you could control the exact location to drop the eggs, the gift bag drop seems to be based on the center of screen. I made a mistake thinking I could place the bags and accidentally dropped two that have an obstructed view.
    Hope this helps others.

  3. Love the new way to go quickly to the neighbors. It will make me a more active visitor between these big events and also make visiting more fun and less a chore. Any info on how to get and share presents. Someone left me 3 and I want to return the favor when I know how.

  4. WOW so many great updates to the game play functions! I can foresee “stressless tapping” while visiting neighbors in the future! LoL thanks

  5. Love it! Did you also notice the “sorta” search on the top left? Can’t find a specific character, but finds UNbusy ones.

    • I did! It’s such a great feature. I’ll be making a separate post about it shortly. It’s about time they added something like this. It’s incredibly useful!

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