Should I purchase the Elf Home?

This Christmas special event is packed with items in the spirit of the holiday. More posts about ”Should I purchase…” will be coming but first, let’s take a look at the Elf Home and what you should know if you consider buying it. You can also always visit our ”Purchasing Decisions”  section of the blog located on the right side of the posts for information on items released in the past.


Elf Home logoThe Elf Home has a price tag of 60 donuts. It’s a limited item for the Christmas event. Every 24 hours, you will be able to tap the Elf logo over the house to release elves to collect presents and gift cards across your town. You can build more than one, actually you could have as many of them as you like because it’s not unique. More Elf Houses means more presents and gift cards. Looking at the personal prizes, it looks like the 4th one is an Elf House. Therefore, if you’re holding on to a few precious donuts my best advice would be to wait it out. It’s an Indian burial ground on Halloween type thing from what I understand.

14 thoughts on “Should I purchase the Elf Home?

  1. Dammit, I keep forgetting that they’ll give me one. It is okay because they are so small I wanted at least two but wasn’t going to buy more right away.

  2. You get the elf house for free. I built a small village of them next to the ClauseCo building. I think it looks cool.

  3. Great cover…I’ve bought one all ready..
    Damn this is going to be a very expensive event, lot and lots of premium decorations to buy…
    No premium quests as far as I can tell ! I may be wrong.. Going to put my feet up and see what unfolds……

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