Christmas 2013 Gallery

If you want to be spoiled, just check after a break for an whole slew of images from the upcoming holiday update. There are images for just about piece of new content you’ll see when the update is pushed to our devices. We’ve got new characters, new buildings, new decorations, new building façades, new costumes, and a social event to keep us tapping through the winter. It’s going to be a massive update, so keep an eye-out for an app update sometime later today.

21 thoughts on “Christmas 2013 Gallery

  1. I finished all of the quests and I have all of the premium content. It cost me about 3500 donuts for everything. The Krusty Wheel is cool. It’s a nice way to get some of last years content.

  2. I have houses with decorations from last year that I have put back up. Do these houses not generate any gift cards/gift bags??

  3. I’m pretty shocked the Christmas Tree from last year isn’t in the offerings! Not so shocked the Mapple Store isn’t there.

  4. Fantastic update! The character finder and the ability to skip through neighbors is awesome!
    I could have some more friends though.
    Please add me: IonSounds

  5. I can’t believe, there isn’t more land available! It will be impossible for me, to place all this new buildings :(

  6. Just downloaded the update and noticed two big features. The first is a character finder in the upper left. The second is all the houses of one type appear to be linked. Collect money on one and all the rest reset.

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