At long-last, a character locator has been added!

One of the most requested features has finally been added to the game, a character locator! You will now see this icon in the top-left-hand corner of your screen, and by tapping it will take you to any character not currently on task.

It does prioritize characters who have quests for you, and you will notice that when the magnifying glass icon changes to an exclamation point icon, as seen in the picture to your left. This new feature is going to make life so much easier for players, especially those at the level cap.

Additionally, if your character has wandered off the map and has been missing for several months, this tool will help you find them. The issue where characters will try to break through the invisible barriers, by wandering to the edge of the ocean or through the mountains has unfortunately not been fixed, in fact it may have gotten worse. So if you’re having trouble finding someone, just tap this new icon and your problems will be solved!

Are you surprised that this feature was added? Was it what you expected? You can’t find specific characters, but finding characters who are just wandering around is certainly a welcome addition.

17 thoughts on “At long-last, a character locator has been added!

  1. I’m really impressed with the character locater. It’s a smart addition to the game and so far works like a charme. This should speed up things in my town significantly – so much, that I decided to start tapping (heh) into the social aspects of the game. I don’t have too much time to play (usually once in the evening), but with this new feature I can spare some time to go to friend’s towns (which of course, has also benn made easier by the “next/previous town” buttons). Cool!

  2. Is this only on Android as I can’t see this icon on my iPad? Or these this icon only show up if you have characters not on tasks?

  3. Also, when assigning the tasks the locator automatically shows the task of the same length as the character before. Ie. If you set homer on an 8 hour task, then click the locator it will bring up the next character and displays the task list scrolled down to the 8 hour task. Really helpful.

    • This also works when you just tap an idle character to set them on a task (i.e. you don’t have to go through the locator). The feature is smart, too, since it scrolls to the top if the character has a yellow quest task (otherwise it’d be easy to miss) and it scrolls to the next longer task if the character doesn’t have a task of the previously selected duration.

  4. So excited for this! I’ve played EVERY SINGLE DAY since I started back in March… Up until 2 days ago. I missed my first day ever, because I had finally gotten to the point to where I couldn’t stand hunting down each of my characters any more, and it just wasn’t worth my time. So this is a very welcome feature for me. If it hadn’t arrived when it did, I might have just given up entirely on this game.

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