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Daily Archives: December 8, 2013

New Site Enhancements for Better Browsing

Sometimes maintain a blog is like gardening, occasionally you have to trim some branches. Over the past few days I’ve removed over 200 posts, and re-categorized every post to make the information you’re looking for that much easier to find.

The categories menu in the sidebar should be a great asset for readers who want to browse older posts. If you are looking for something specific, such as help with making a decision on whether or not to purchase a specific piece of premium content, you’ll be able to find that information much easier now.

There is also a tag cloud at the bottom of the sidebar which gives you an idea of the topics most often written about. The larger the font-size of the word, the more posts you’ll find about that particular topic.

If you’re wondering why so many posts were removed, it’s mostly because they are no longer relevant or were poorly written. Removing the old, weak branches makes the overall presentation look much better. It also allows new branches to flourish, which should be significantly easier now that I’m not the only writer.

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Fun with Flags

As part of the Thanksgiving update, The Mayflower was introduced into the game as a decoration for the waterfront. Players can clearly see two flags flying on the masts of the ship, but neither of them are historically accurate.

Before getting into what the flags should be, lets take a moment to discuss the flags that are being flown on the ship. One you may recognize, but the other is a military flag that is still in use today.

The flag on the right-side of the ship is the Union Flag, the national flag of the United Kingdom. The discrepancy is that the developers used to the modern day version of the flag, not the one that would have been on the ship in 1620 when The Mayflower made its historic voyage.

On the left is the flag that should be on the ship, as the addition of the red saltire is an indication of Ireland, which did not merge with Great Britain until the 19th century. The merging of these two countries formed what we know today as the United Kingdom.

On the right is the flag of England, also known as St. George’s Cross. This is the other flag that should be shown on The Mayflower. The developers mixed up the colors and by doing that inadvertently displayed the army flag for the country Georgia.
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Won’t you be my neighbor?!

Flanders_house_at_Christmas_timeOne of the most intersting features about The Simpsons Tapped Out is the social aspect. Most mobile games I have played didn’t have that aspect and it adds so much to your gameplay, especially during special events! I personnaly really enjoy going to other people’s Springfield to see what they have done with it. The way some of us display our buildings and decorations is what catches my attention most. Sure, we all visit to make a few dollars and xp but when you stop and think about how there will never a town that looks like the next one, it’s pretty amazing. Some people have very clever ideas as to what they put next to what. In my town for example, there is an area where I put all the restaurants and added tables in the middle and decorations around ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11264367665/ ) I visited people who are so creative with what EA gave us. I have even seen 2D and 3D designs made with fences, schrubs, you name it!


I have loaded up my neighboreeno list up to 100 just before the Halloween event started and for all of October, visited almost everyone everyday. It paid off with a lot of spooktacular donuts and I got a chance to see many beautifuls towns at all sorts of levels. What I would like to do at this point is clear up my list completely except for a few friends I know in real life and start over fresh with readers from this blog. While obviously I want to see more towns I never saw before, I also want to give a chance to people who read my posts and come to this page regularly to be able to get a good view at mine and interact with me during the Christmas event. My Origin id is the same as here: PlatypusGuitar. If you would like me to add you, please leave your Origin id in the comment section below. I would also like to know, what do YOU like about visiting other players’ Springfields? I look forward to read your opinions and visiting you neighboreenos!

UPDATE 12/11/13 : I have now reached the maximum allowed of 100 neighbors and cannot add more for the moment. Thank you to everyone who showed interest! Those who didnt make my list, you can visit my flikr to see screenshots of my Springfield.

Since this is a special event, you can also find more neighbors HERE.


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