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Daily Archives: December 7, 2013

Retail Therapy – Just in Time for Christmas

Marge, sisters shoppingThe Conform-o-meter – many tappers pay a lot of attention to this star ranking part of the game, but should they? While that is open to debate, one thing for sure is that Marge is having a heck of a time getting in her retail therapy sessions due to a very hard to maintain Consumerism rating.

Where are all of the stores? With our Springfields becoming more and more crowded with seemingly larger and larger buildings, we’ve not only come close to running out of space, but perhaps we’ve also run out of stores (gasp!). Well, I’m here to tell you that we’re not even close. Below is but a small sampling of the possible stores that could be added to the game and into Marge’s shopping bags:

  • All Creatures Great and Cheap
  • Bikini Shop
  • The Brushes are Coming, The Brushes are Coming
  • Captain Blip’s Zapateria
  • The China Syndrome
  • Do It Yourself, You Lazy Ass
  • Donner’s Party Supplies
  • Electronics, Etc.
  • The Family Jewels
  • Frame Anything
  • Girdles N’ Such
  • Goody New Shoes
  • Hailstone’s
  • International House of Answering Machines
  • The Jerky Hut
  • The Leftorium
  • Love Your Computer
  • Miscellaneous, Etc.
  • Nick’s Bowling Shop
  • Nick’s Nax
  • Origami Designs
  • Radio Hut
  • Restoration Software
  • Rock Bottom Remainders
  • Simply Shoes
  • The Sole Provider
  • Springfield Hunting Supplies
  • Tommy Hillclimber
  • The Vast Waistband
  • Vitamin Barn
  • Wee Monsieur
  • Wicked Excess
  • Yesterday’s Puppies

Marge Shopping ChanelWhile most of them do reside in the Springfield Mall, many of them also have stand alone stores. And there is no reason why our friends at EA couldn’t make some or all of them stand alone stores to populate our towns and improve our ratings - heck, we’ve got Abraham Lincoln and a Walking Dolphin roaming our streets – so the sky’s the limit! However, it may not actually make any difference if Marge is like many of the ladies I know, who have been shopping their whole lives, and still don’t have anything to wear!

I guess that’s where the therapy part comes in…

So fellow Tappers, what stores would you like to see in order to help Marge and the rest of the Springfielders shop until they drop this Christmas Season? Let us know!

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Has the Grumple stole Christmas !

Has the Grumple stole the Christmas update?

I was expecting the Christmas update by the 5th December but that has been and gone, last year we were informed a day before the update but this year not a peep…

There has been no Christmas update thus far only an episode tie-in with Sundays show.

I am starting to worry that either EA have not made a Christmas update, I know this sounds ridiculous but after Easter past us by without so much as a single egg you can’t help thinking, “maybe they haven’t bothered this year”!

Or perhaps it was launched and the Grumple got to it first! All I know is that my Christmas lights are starting too look a little sad without the snow, so come on EA let us know……..

The more likely scenario is, that they are fixing a few bugs and gave us the episode tie-in to keep us distracted till Monday!!

Let me know your opinions about the delayed Christmas update, perhaps someone from EA are reading this, if so throw us a bone..



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