Episode Highlights from “Labor Pains”

Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons broke the fourth wall when Homer launched Tapped Out on his iPhone. Sadly, spending $300 is not much of an exaggeration for many of us.

In the episode we also got to see a shot of a Gulp’N’Blow, a building that doesn’t often appear in the show. It’s starting to feel like their including more from the game in the show on purpose.

Rather than discussing too much about the episode, lets take a look at some of the things that could have worked as cross-promotional content.

A set of pilgrim costumes for the family might have been too much, but Native American Apu would have been an interesting contrast to Sacagawea Lisa.

The title sequence also has a version of The Mayflower in it, although it was drawn to look like a children’s interpretation of a sailboat.

This parody of Trader Joe’s would make for a great addition to the game. Even though it is episode-specific, it is generic enough that it could be added into the game at a later date.

Any chance to improve our Consumerism rating that doesn’t require half-a-dozen Kwik-E-Marts would certainly be welcome.

Elizabeth Moss, most recognized for her role in AMC’s Mad Men, voiced Gretchen in tonight’s episode. She lives in this complex, along with her newborn baby, Homer Jr.

The apartment was also the location of poker tournaments between Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Moe. Though I think my favorite was when Carl was teaching himself massage therapy here too.

10 thoughts on “Episode Highlights from “Labor Pains”

  1. I was irked when Homer uttered the phrase, “now I have two things named after me”, in reference to Homer Junior, when clearly he had “the Homer” car named after him. Rookie mistake. Unrelated, I also noticed the headline on the newspaper, that the man from the elevator was reading in the kitchen read: “Apple buys Facebook on eBay”. Geez Simpsons and Appleā€¦ Get a room! I AM writing this on my iPad air, though. Irony noted.

  2. This may be a little off topic, but I didn’t know where else to put it. I think something we need to see soon in an update is dirt roads. It would look so much better if you’re building an area with Cletus’ farm, Nelson’s house, Fort Sensible, Kamp Krusy etc, with dirt roads instead of regular roads, some concrete or just grass.

  3. Best episode for season 25 so far, in my opinion. When I saw Homer playing tapped out I shouted at my bf: LOOK! OMFG ITZ SO AWESOMEHHHH!!!!!!!!

  4. Well for me, the highlight of the episode that should be included in tapped out was when patty, selma, nelsons mom and the crazy cat lady was scabbing for the cheerleaders. If the latter two come in later there’s a good use for the open air stage for em. (Even if nobody wants to see that lol. I’m surprised agnes wasn’t among em)

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