Should I purchase the Talking Krusty Doll?

Many of the items that were available for free during last year’s Halloween event have been added to the shop this year, only now they cost donuts. The Talking Krusty Doll is one of those items. Unlike most NPCs, this one has a voice

The doll alternates between two phrases: “I’m Krusty the Clown, and I love you very much.” and “Krusty say die!“. In one animation, you see a bunch of hearts appear. In the other, the doll pulls out a butcher knife. I’ll leave it to you figure out which phrase matches with each animation.


  • It has a voice
  • It has two phrases, each with distinct a animation to match those phrases
  • You’ll need this to complete the “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” section in the character list


  • For an NPC, 60 donuts is a bit pricey
  • You won’t receive any quests after buying this NPC
  • After Halloween, you may just end up putting this in storage anyway

8 thoughts on “Should I purchase the Talking Krusty Doll?

  1. I buy the NPC’s because it’s nice to have something moving down my streets if all my characters are doing indoor tasks.

  2. Don’t think I would even buy it, if it would be possible, for game money instead of donuts. I can understand why you hid it. This character is not in the least funny, same as Handsome Pete. The raven though is a cute little thing, and I found it a welcome addition to Springfield’s fauna, well, sort of ;-))

  3. I would definitely not waste money on this. For free, yeah, but it just runs around your town. In fact, I might store mine after the Halloween event. Its just been running around for the last year.

  4. Just my opinion: the Doll, Raven, etc. are not my piece of donut. No particular reason, just a feeling. Sometimes it is strange to see them on a permanent base in other periods than Halloween. Halloween skins for e.g. Marge, Burn, Ned can be switched whenever you want. I cannot imagine to use my Santa Homer now. Ah, I’m a skin freak :-)

  5. I just cannot justify spending donuts on useless NPCs… these seem to be for people with oodles of donuts burning a hole in their virtual pocket. I could see myself MAYBE buying some if they were priced at 12 donuts, like the zombies, but even then, it seems better to purchase premium decorations. At least they affect gameplay in some way. But I guess the NPCs are more like vanity items, which is cool for some. They just don’t interest me.

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