Should I purchase Devil Flanders?

Last year, players received Devil Flanders for free, as his inclusion was important to the overall story of the Halloween event. This year he makes a return, but this time the costume will set you back 75 donuts. So is it worth the purchase price?

It is Ned’s only costume to date, so if you like having a little more variety for your characters, you might consider picking this up while you can.


  • The “Show His Wrath” outdoor task is quite unique
  • It is amusing to have the antithesis of Ned as an alternate costume


  • None of his tasks will help you earn any GOO
  • You won’t receive any quests with this costume
  • Most costumes that cost donuts pay at the premium rate, this one does not
  • His 24h task remains locked unless you also buy the Hell House fa├žade, which cost 40 donuts

8 thoughts on “Should I purchase Devil Flanders?

  1. I bought him, but skipped on the House of Evil shop and Heck Facade for the Church. I wish the red building had been bundled with the Ned costume. At 40 donuts, it is still a possible purchase, but I probably will hold out.

  2. While I appreciate EA giving people who missed out on this a chance to obtain it, I will be passing on this one. I just got up to 150 donuts today, so my dilemma before the Halloween event ends is whether to go for Witch Marge or Kodos.

    • I went with Witch Marge because she was the character I missed when I saw her in other towns. I am thinking that one alien instead of 2 in my town won’t stand out to me. I keep looking at the wreckage and ray gun, but they don’t particularly fit in my town. I may change my mind, but I’m happy with my Witch Marge choice.

  3. Yesterday Ned came across Booberella while shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart. Although impressed by her appearance, he thought she was not acting according to his belief. Therefore, he bound her to a stalk and showed his wrath.

    It was an hilarious situation. I can update the picture when I have figured out how to do it.

    Devil Flanders rocks. I already got him last year, but even after this period I would purchase him immediately. No doubt. Geez, Burns costume you get this year for free is even more impressive, with the related tasks !

  4. I got my Devil Flanders as a prize during last year’s Halloween event. Not sure if I would spend donuts to buy him. That said, the animation for “Make Devil Need show his Wrath” is one of the coolest in the game.

    • I feel the same way. I got him last year, so I’m glad to have him. I just don’t think it’s worth the donuts though. Maybe if it were cheaper, or bundled with the Heck House.

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