Should I purchase Zombies?

There are a pair of zombies in the shop, each priced at 12 donuts. It may be tempting to add the Crazy Zombie and Senile Zombie to your town, especially with the spooky atmosphere, but will they still be as aesthetically pleasing once the dark fog clears? It is something to consider before making your decision.


  • They won’t eat your eyes
  • Reasonably priced at 12 donuts each
  • They aren’t voiced, but they do have sound effects
  • You’ll need them if you want to collect all five zombies
  • The animations are fun, and reminiscent of last year’s Halloween event


  • They will eat your brains
  • They do not add anything beneficial to the game
  • Their animations are identical to the other zombies
  • The remaining three zombies don’t require a donut purchase
  • They could be a waste of donuts, making it harder to acquire higher priced items

12 thoughts on “Should I purchase Zombies?

  1. when I squish “my” senile zombie, for a second the male zombie appears and then explodes – instead of the senile zombie. I wonder if this is a bug or something?

  2. Has anyone seen dopplegangers? I have photos of both Flanders and Burns with theirs. How do I post them FB? I have them in Dropbox.

  3. These are easily the best NPC’s to get. Good animation, fun to pop, basically complete a set since one is money and the other two are easy to earn, plus Halloween is the best. The only reason not to get them is you never buy NPC’s, and no one can fault you for that.

  4. Another pro, especially when compared to some of the other NPCs (I’m looking at you Boardwalk Performers): they’re not exactly voiced, but at least they have sound effects with the animations. The ‘splat’ sound is great.

    And all NPCs should be as reasonably priced as these.

  5. i bought the senile zombie because she looks a little like mrs.glick. i hope we make the 10mil mark soon so i can has the cat zombie in my town (even if it does need a total rearrangement)

  6. These are an automatic pass for me, much like the Krustyland mascots and Squidport performers that are available for donuts (even though I really, really wanted Handsome Pete, because he’s awesome); if they’re not adding to my percentage bonus, daily XP or cash total, I can’t justify spending real money.

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