Should I purchase the Ray Gun?

After completing the quest “Ultrahouse 2″, you will unlock the ability to purchase the Ray Gun. This item will allow you to shoot down the the UFO piloted by Kodos, thereby adding this character to your town.

If you already have Kang in your town, you won’t even see this item in your shop. This is because you already purchased the Ray Gun when it was available during last year’s Treehouse of Horror XXIII event. If that is the case, you’ll be able to shoot down Kodos for free.

If you don’t have Kang in your town, you will after placing the Victorian UFO. That means to get Kodos in your town as well, you’ll need to purchase the Ray Gun for 150 donuts.


  • She is voiced
  • She earns money and XP at a premium rate
  • She has four outdoor jobs with great animations
  • She comes with a very humorous four-part quest line
  • The Ray Gun provides 3.75% bonus money and XP to all Jobs
  • You’ll need her to unlock Kang’s 16h job, which is uniquely odd


  • The 150 donut asking price is a bit expensive
  • You won’t be able to earn GOO with this character
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31 thoughts on “Should I purchase the Ray Gun?”

  1. Does anyone know what the second ray gun that was placed in storage does? I didn’t play TSTO during last year’s halloween update (android player) so I didn’t have a chance to collect Kang. I bought the ray gun & shot down Kodos & placed the new ray gun in my town. But I wasn’t sure if this leads to me shooting down Kang separately or if I just get a shiny new, undamaged ray gun to display. I haven’t been able to find any clarification on this.. Can anyone help explain this to me?? Also, when Kang & Kodos “exchange long protein strings” does it cause them to blend together to look like a weird two-eyed version or is this just a weird glitch on my screen?? I expected them to just hold tentacles & walk around town, so the image surprised me..

  2. I really want kodos, but 150 donuts seems a bit expensive, I know it comes with eay guna nd crashed ufo as well, but Im not sure whether to get it or not. I also want to buy witch marge as well, and she seems more reasonably priced to me, I’m going to wait till near the end of haloween to buy these just incase they drop in price like it sdd last year; or incase gil makes a suprise appearance! Dont think it will happen but im hoping anyway

    1. At least the event doesn’t end until Nov. 7th, so you have some time to think about buying them before they’re gone. I couldn’t resists these two, had to bite the bullet and get them both.

  3. Being a daily player I would love to indulge in purchasing the ray gun just for the added character & task line. Unfortunately for me, I have not, nor will I spend any money on a game. It’s not necessary to make this purchase right? I will just lose out on Kodos & her tasks, correct? I would appreciate any & all feedback regarding this. Thank you for a GREAT blog!

  4. Of course, you absolutely want Kang and Kodos after Halloween!

    This is why the prize was risen from 100 to 150 donuts.

    But apart from being overprized, I have the idea to wait until end of halloween with my decision.

    I have left 111 Donuts and can win donuts every 2000 GOO (which is every second day from now!).

    Plus, a bonus of 6 donuts with Burns – and since Level 36 seems to wait after Halloween, I can get 6 further donuts for 100.000 bucks when completing experience points for Level 36! 150 Donuts are near…

  5. I’ve asked this question on two other TSTO blogs, one got no reply and the other got literally “if you want to”. So glad I found your blog – it’s streets ahead :) And although I am going to hold off til the end of the event just in case, I think I will end up getting the ray gun. I doubt the price will drop this time because people will expect it, but just on the offchance it does, I’d feel a chump to spend an extra 50 donuts I didn’t need to spend!

      1. Not sure what that means, but it was Topix where I got the oh-so-helpful “if you want to” remark (like, yes, I’d rather worked that out, I was hoping for this kind of pro-con list!)

  6. I understand that the “impersonate Kang” task is hilarious and it makes me want her just for that. Thanks for the breakdown. I think I’ll probably add her to my town once I’ve completed the Ghost in the Machine Based App. Too much going on right now.

    I found your site off of reddit. Thanks for the hard work. I’ll be adding you into my daily rotation of TSTO sites I visit.

  7. I see Kodos flying around now that the Ultrahouse 2 quest is complete. It’s very tempting to pull the trigger and purchase the ray gun but I’m not sure I want to part with 150 donuts. I’ve been saving donuts since March and it’s hard to spend those hard earned free treats. I would be left with only a handful if I bought it and this would be my first premium purchase. So far there has not been much compelling remarks/comments as to why it’s a good buy. Maybe if I wait until the end of the Halloween event it will drop in price? I read in one of your other posts that last years event went from 150 to 100 donuts for Kang….how long did that take to happen? Will the ray gun still be purchasable after the Halloween event ends?

    Love the blog btw – it’s my go to source for all things tapped out. Keep up the great work!

    1. The Ray Gun will disappear from the shop after the Halloween event ends. If you want to wait and see if the price is reduced you could wait until it gets closer to the end of the event.

  8. For me, the Ray Gun is most definitely a “shut up and take my money” purchase. Though I wish they had kept Kang with the Ray Gun and had Kodos with the Victorian UFO; but it’s a small thing.

  9. I don’t know where to put this.. Hope that help… XD

    A little tip when you’re collecting goo in friend’s town, let 1 ghost left to tap, then search a populated ghost zone and tap 2 or more at the same time, it count as the last one but you’re collect more than 5 goo… Then rinse and repeat…xD…

  10. Not sure where to put this so feel free to just delete it after you read it.

    Because haunting shows the animations on the haunted buildings we can now see the building animations for unused buildings. For I stance calm wood mental hospital has one of its upper right windows break and a bed sheet rope lowered from the window. Thought you should know. (I’ve demonstrated the mental hospital one in your town FB)

      1. I’m pretty shocked kodos isn’t the tenth (and final) prize to be honest, seems like s/he is the thing people were most excited for. It would have been fun to end with the two of them laughing it up in Springfield.

      2. @Promethelax I agree, She and her cohort were/ are my most desired Halloween items (I’m on Android and have coveted the alien in other towns). I am only sad that I won’t have both spaceships so I won’t get the 24 hour task I don’t think…

      1. There are two primary points of contention regarding her gender.

        Firstly, she’s been referred to as both “she” and “he” on the show. The likely explanation is that the writers goofed, and forgot she was female (it’s an understandable mistake). A decent in-universe explanation is that translation from Rigellian to English creates some ambiguities. Perhaps Rigellian doesn’t have gendered pronouns, for example.

        The other point of contention is that at one point she mentioned she has 700 testicles. However, since she’s not human, the presence of testicles does not necessarily mean she’s male. Especially since her niece, Kamala (who is unmistakably female), also mentioned she has testicles.

        In support of her status as a female, we should recognize that although she is sometimes referred to as “he,” her brother is never referred to as “she.” If she were also definitely male, she wouldn’t ever be referred to as “she” in the show.

        Next, in the game, one of her tasks is “Get Tentacles Waxed” in parallel to Miss Springfield’s task “Go for Waxing.”

        Finally, Matt Groening has said on the DVD commentary that she’s female.

  11. The ray gun comes with a bonus percentage of 3.75%, which I would think would be a PRO… And when comparing that to other items (to me at least) makes it more manageable a spend. 2 police cars (which would give a slightly higher 4.00% bonus) would cost 80 donuts, so you are getting Kang for 70, which is fairly reasonable when comparing it to other premium characters.

    1. Not only that… Purchasing the ray gun also gets you the crashed UFO as a decoration (if you don’t already have it). It doesn’t do anything but add to vanity, but you technically get two decorations (Crashed UFO & Ray Gun) one of which has a multiplier bonus plus a premium character. Not to shabby for 150 donuts.

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