Should I Buy Booberella?

This character, like everything else in this update, is only available for a limited-time. While you do have a little over a month do decide if you want to add Booberella to your Springfield, consider the following information.


  • She earns money and XP at the premium rate
  • She is one of the few female characters that you can add to your town
  • Comes with a quest


  • She is not voiced
  • She only has two visual tasks
  • None of her tasks will help you earn event currency
  • Her interaction with other characters ends after her five-part quest line
  • For 100 donuts, you could also get Number 51 or The Bad Dream House with the Raven or…
Eyeballs Of Death
Museum of Natural History
Springfield Pet Shop
Blue Haired Lawyer
Dr. Nick

So the conclusion is while this is a very cool character with interesting features, you could pass on it.

2 thoughts on “Should I Buy Booberella?

  1. Just want to say thanks for the steady and timely stream of posts over the last few days. This is easily the most informative and well-written TSTO blog out there. Great work!

    One minor correction to your post above. I would say Boobarella has two outdoor tasks (or at least
    two visible animations) if you count the one at the peanut cart where she’s hawking her wares.

    Also, for me another tick in the pro column is that the quest line is hilarious, in a juvenile Austin Powers kind of way of course ;)

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re finding the information useful. Good catch on the Booberella thing. I forgot the job with the peanut cart is actually an outdoor task.

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