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Daily Archives: September 29, 2013

The Rocket’s Red Glare Pt. 1 – 13

Tomorrow is an exciting day, it’s Independence Day! Wait, it’s not? Well according to Wikipedia, Botswana celebrates their 47th year of independence from the United Kingdom tomorrow, so there! Oh fine, this is just an excuse to shoehorn in an old walkthrough from an event that has long since passed.

Honestly, at the time of this event I didn’t really care for it. Perhaps it was all of the repetitive tasks that focused solely on buying illegal fireworks, or maybe it was the introduction of a pretty obscure character, Rex Banner.

At least through all the repetition players were actually rewarded with a Box of Fireworks, without even having to spend any donuts. Though I actually prefer the Liberty Bell item, because while Rex Banner may prefer a Banana Kaboom, I prefer the Sweet Taste of Liberty.
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