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Daily Archives: September 22, 2013

Gorgeous Grampa Pt. 1 – 3

The content update was a tie-in with the episode of the same name. If you were an active player during the time this was released, which was late February, you received a free costume for Grampa. Please disregard the fact this is less of a costume and more of a violation of the laws of time and space.

The quest itself is rather short, but who can argue with free? If you didn’t have Grampa and the Retirement Castle at the time of this update, the costume was automatically placed in storage to be used at a time when the player could use it.

If you missed out on this update you, it is possible you hadn’t begun playing the game yet. Though perhaps it was because you fell victim to the harp of death glitch that was prevalent at time. For those unfamiliar with this glitch, it caused the game to lock-up at the title screen, while repeatedly playing a harp sound effect. It was quite the predicament, keeping some players locked out of the game for weeks.
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