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Daily Archives: September 21, 2013

What’s on the other side of the Training Wall door? Righteousness!

According to the Conformity Meter, the only way to increase your Righteousness rating is to “Keep criminals and graffiti off the streets.” However there is one decoration that you can place in your town that will improve your Righteousness rating: the Training Wall.

Previously, this was one of the hardest attributes to keep at five stars. When visiting a town you can graffiti buildings, or clean-up already existing graffiti. You can only clean graffiti in your own town, providing one of your neighbors actually chose to graffiti one of the handful of buildings it is even possible to tag. It was kind of a confusing mess, especially since it never appeared to be coded correctly.

So if you’re tired of this rating spontaneously dropping, place a few Training Walls in your town. You can even do what one Reddit user is doing, hide them behind large buildings. It may be odd, but this does give you some more control over your Conformity Meter.

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Collaboration and Trust, The GameFAQ’s Community Springfield

GFQCommunity's Springfield Elementary

GFQCommunity’s Springfield Elementary

Building a town by yourself can be entertaining, but building a town with the help of others can be an enriching experience. At least that was the thought of one GameFAQ’s forum member, Buddios. Less than a month ago, this user decided to setup a new game in which anyone could join, as the log-in information and password to the account was posted publicly on the message board.

For about a week, this social experiment worked fairly well. Unfortunately having an account open to everyone proved troublesome. Buddios has since learned from the mistakes of the first town, and created a second that is currently thriving under the collaborative efforts of about twenty different people.

Earlier this week I had a chance to interview Buddios about this idea.
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