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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Daily Archives: September 20, 2013

What have you done with the Spinster City Apartments?

For those of you who are enjoying the addition of Patty and Selma to your town, what have you done with their humble abode, the Spinster City Apartments? When it comes to placing new buildings into a town, it can be a bit tricky. First of all it requires the free space to place it. After that, figuring out where you want in your town could take some time, on top of the time it takes to decorate as well.

If you’re still struggling for design ideas, expand this post to see eight different examples of the Spinster City Apartments incorporated into various players ever-growing Springfield.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

originThere hasn’t been a social event in the game since Whacking Day, which ended in May. At the time I made sure my list of friends was full to get the most out of experience. Now many of those players have become inactive, so I decided to clear out some space so I could add everyone who posted their user names on this list.

For clarification, my user name is feelingblind. The next time you check your game and please consider confirming my friend request. Hopefully you have enough space to add one more neighbor. This could be a fun way for you to interact with this blog. Perhaps the next time I write a “What have you done with…” post, you could see a screenshot from your town.

The Mayan, the Witch and the Wardrobe

homer-donutIn the master bedroom of the Simpson household, Homer and Marge share a closet. In the context of the game, the only other outfit Marge has is a witch costume. Meanwhile, Homer has five different outfits to wear. In fact the few characters who are lucky enough to even have a costume only have one. Does that seem right to you?

Two of his costumes could have been obtained for free, if you were fortunate enough to participate in previous promotional events. The other three required the purchase of limited-time premium content.

Maybe the Homer in your Springfield only has one outfit, but for most players this central character always has some wardrobe options available. So which of Homer’s many costumes is your favorite? Did you miss out on a costume that you really wish you had? If you’d like to see all of his costumes, check the gallery posted below the break.

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