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Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

Level 6 Walkthrough

After you finish the tutorial, you will be given a series of new quests. It is only by completing these quests that you can progress through the game. Eventually you will unlock the ability to place new buildings and unlock new characters. The first post-tutorial character you’ll add to your town is Cletus.

When you build Cletus’s Farm, you will also unlock Cletus. His farm is unique in that you can select which crop you would like to grow. Some quests require you to harvest a particular crop to advance the story. Be mindful of this, because a crop can spoil if you do not harvest it in time. Usually you have 24h to harvest a crop before it spoils, so don’t worry too much. If a crop does spoil, you’ll lose any money or XP that could have been gained from the harvest. The soil is always fresh, so you can just try again if you didn’t get it right the first time.
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Upcoming Server Maintenance

maintenanceIn the next few days, Electronic Arts will be performing maintenance on many of its mobile games, including The Simpsons: Tapped Out. During these maintenance windows you may experience difficulties with logins, connecting to servers, and other issues.

Maintenance schedule (EST):

  • 9/17 from 4:00am until 5:00am
  • 9/18 from 12:00am until 12:15am
  • 9/18 from 4:00am until 5:00am

These maintenance times may be changed or extended as needed.
Source: EA Help Center

Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Pt. 1 – 6

The episode tie-in for “Penny-Wiseguys” gifted players Springfield’s favorite only mob boss, Fat Tony. This was the first time players were given a new character without having to spend any donuts, as well as the first cross-promotional content update with its own quest line. A full five-months later, in the Level 28 content update, Fat Tony was added to the game for everyone.

Perhaps his early arrival in town was necessary. Besides, it probably took some time “acquire” all of the necessary “permits” and “licenses” to run the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club. After all, if Fat Tony is known for one thing, it’s staying on the up-and-up with the law.
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Yes, you can win donuts from Sideshow You

While I thought this was common knowledge, Reddit users are freaking out about this “new” development. No these pictures haven’t been Photoshopped, you can actually win some donuts by playing the Sideshow You game. Maybe this is just one of those stories that have fallen through the cracks. Many other blogs and Wikis have reported this information as well, so I’m not quite sure what all of the fuss is about.

Donuts in my Sideshow You? It's more likely than you think.

Donuts in my Sideshow You? It’s more likely than you think.

The Day The Earth Stood Cool Pt. 1 – 4

One of the earliest cross-promotional events was for the episode “The Day the Earth Stood Cool”. It featured the voice-work of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the duo famous for the television series Portlandia. Not only did this update give us a cool new exclusive building, but it gave us a new costume for Homer as well.

Another piece of memorabilia from this episode was added to the game later in the Season 24 Yard Sale update, the Devil Donuts Cart. Though a limited-time item as well, it was one of the few that could be purchased with cash as opposed to donuts.
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TSTOgame now has a Facebook page

This web-site now has an official Facebook page. While this blog has been well received, people just couldn’t bring themselves to actually “like” it. My social media correspondent, who I can only refer to as The Google, tells me that the only way a person can like something is by giving it the appropriate digital “thumbs up”. Quantifying the number of these “likes” seems to be how one measures their success. So please, give this site all of your thumbs, provided you are pointing them in an upwards fashion.


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