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Free Donuts

donutsFree donuts are hard to come across in the game, but there are some ways to earn them. If you save up all of the free donuts you’ve earned, you might even be able to buy yourself something nice down the road. So how many ways are there to earn free donuts? More than you might think, but most of them require long-term play and the patience to actually save them. If you only have a couple of donuts, you might be inclined to buy something cheap or rush a task, but if you hold-off on small purchases, you could eventually get something worth your while.

Level Up

Every time you level up, you get either 1 or 2 donuts, depending on the level. It’s not a huge bonus, but with the frequency of updates increasing, this could be an easy way to build-up your donut inventory without much effort. If you count up all of these free donuts from the start of the game to now, it equates to 44 donuts.

Sideshow You

The odds suggest that you have a 1:100 shot of earning five donuts every time you play the Sideshow You game in Krustyland. It certainly isn’t the most reliable way to win donuts, but it does at the very least give you a reason to visit Krustyland after you finish the forty-one part quest line.

Jebediah Statue

To unlock the secret Jebediah Statue, all you have to do is tap on Homer ten times and this secret item will be unlocked, as well as a ten donuts. If you’re wondering how this secret was found, promotional videos for the game advertised this secret as way to encourage newcomers to try the game.

Bonus Level Up!

bonus-level-upIf you have reached the maximum level, the next time you level up you will get a chance to win some donuts.

At first three gift boxes will appear, containing either one, two, or three donuts. The goal is to choose the one that has three donuts inside. Even if you don’t find it on your first try, you can spend $50,000 to open up another box. If you still don’t find the three donut prize after two tries, you can spend an additional $50,000 to open up the last remaining box and secure you three donut prize.

Cleaning-Up Debris

As you purchase new plots of land, there will be debris on those new tiles. The only two characters in the game who can clean-up the debris are Homer and Lisa. Once the debris is cleaned-up you will earn some cash and XP, and if you’re very lucky, a donut. There is only a 2% chance of finding a donut in debris, so it varies from player to player. Some people have reported being very successful in finding donuts in debris, while other players have not been as lucky.

Daily Play Combo

Every five days in a row you play, you’ll get a Mystery Box. While the prizes inside the Mystery Box usually aren’t that great, there is a 2% chance that you will win 10 donuts. Be careful though, the few times I’ve actually won this prize the game crashed without saving. So if you find donuts in a Mystery Box, make sure to quickly exit out of the game yourself.

It is possibly to earn 30 donuts, or a Homer Buddah from a Mystery Box as well, though it is rare to have that happen. Theoretically you could open a Mystery Box to find a Homer Buddah, and inside the Homer Buddah you could find 150 donuts. Though the odds of that happening are astronomical.


In very rare instances, you may earn some donuts at the end of a quest line. The last time this happened was during the Level 30 content update. By finishing “Military Antiques Pt. 9″, players were rewarded with three donuts.

There are also times when the developers will reward players with some donuts just for logging-in on a certain day. During the Whacking Day event, players who logged-in on April 23, 2013 were given twelve free donuts. Many have speculated that this was due to false advertising. During the event it claimed that some snake eggs may contain donuts, but no one ever reported actually finding a donut inside a snake egg.

In the beginning of the game you are given donuts to get you through the tutorial quickly, but you don’t have to spend them if you don’t want to. Sure, it will slow down the tutorial and make you wait a few hours to finish it, but you’ll be glad you saved the donuts for something better than rushing the construction of the Kwik-E-Mart.

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14 Responses to Free Donuts

  1. TiffanyOctober 15, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    I just got 10 donuts in my mystery box. I collected them and the game crashed. I had to go back into my app and when I did I had another mystery box for the day. I clicked it and I got a gazebo not 10 donuts. HELP!!! I want the donuts back. What can I do????

  2. KiranSeptember 18, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Can you get donuts in Krustyland debris as well as springfield debris?

  3. Duff ManSeptember 18, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Thanks for the free donut post. I did win 30 free donuts from a mystery box once. I also banked a decent amount of donuts by converting unused Christmas coins into Santa stockings (some had donuts in them). I’ve been a daily player since the game restarted late last summer and estimate if I had saved all my free donuts, I probably could have saved around 250-275. (As it is, I’m at 197 free donuts) so it is possible, with LOTS of patience, to save up for a premium item or two, without spending real money.

  4. jonoSeptember 18, 2013 at 6:16 am

    How do you email EA? I recently got a homer buddha from a mystery box and then got a second hans moleman that can’t be used – 60 donuts is what I’d rather have. I think there is a glitch if you already have him and he is doing a task in krustyland.

  5. Pingback: Yes, you can win donuts from Sideshow You | TSTOgame

  6. josSeptember 17, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    The free donuts are like a sample of shampoo in a magazine (yes, in Europe this is often the case ;-)): you can barely wash your hair once :-)it is just a teaser to buy more, until you can have an item you really want (Otto, Duff, ……….). Otherwise, you will have save up for a very long time.

    Games that crash after receiving free donuts … hilarious !!! :-)Are there any reports of failure after buying ;-)

  7. RaventhiefSeptember 17, 2013 at 2:59 am

    I’ve once won a homer budder from a mystery box and got 150 donuts in him….
    I regularly get the 10 donuts from a mystery box each week…
    Must just be lucky!!!
    Although I never seem to win the lotto in the real world…which would be better..

  8. KarlosSeptember 16, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    My game, also, crashed after I won 10 donuts in a mystery box.I emailed EA about it, and they (eventually) refunded me the 10 donuts — and gave me an extra 5 for my trouble.

  9. WoodySeptember 16, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    I did receive 5 donuts today in the Sideshow You game.Was so shocked that I just stared at it for a minute before moving on.I too have had the issue with the game crashing after receiving 10 donuts in a mystery box.It’s highly annoying.I usually hit the “friends” button immediately after.That seems to help.

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