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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Daily Archives: September 11, 2013

Spoilers for the Level 35 update

It looks as though TSTO News has found out what new content is going to be added to the game, most likely tomorrow. Now many of you had said that you’re enjoying the game without peeking behind the curtain, but for those of you do, here is a little taste of what’s to come. If you’ve visit any other site, you probably know what’s coming by now.

For my readers who would rather not be spoiled, don’t read any information after the break. It’s my way of putting up one last roadblock between you and information that would spoil the surprise of the next update.

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Square One, a walkthrough of the tutorial

If you are reading this blog, you’ve probably already made it through the opening sequence of the game. The in-game tutorial is rather self-explanatory, but the dialogue itself is still interesting. So enjoy this look back at how the game started, which for most of you, may have been about a year or so by now.

Remember how easy it was to find the character you needed to start off the next part in the quest line? Of course at this early stage of the game you could see the entirety of your town without even moving the screen.
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