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Daily Archives: September 10, 2013

What does iOS 7 mean for Tapped Out?

ios7-homeFirst off, if you are playing the game using an Android device, feel free to ignore this post.

At today’s press conference, Engadget learned that iOS 7 will be 64-bit. If you’re not a technophile, all of this may sound completely foreign. As of right now, all apps are 32-bit. If developers choose to, they can create 64-bit optimized apps which would take full-advantage of the new operating system’s technology.

Of course this only affects you if your Apple device will be capable of upgrading to iOS 7, which releases on September 18th. There is no guarantee that EA will make a 64-bit version of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but if they do, it could deliver faster performance than the current build.

To reiterate, there are no guarantees any of this will happen. It is just a possibility now that iOS 7 has been revealed to be a 64-bit operating system.

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