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Daily Archives: September 9, 2013

Level 35 and beyond…

In the past few months The Simpsons: Tapped Out has received a tremendous amount of new content. In June the game received a land and sea expansion, enabling players to build a boardwalk. One month later a brand-new secondary map was added, giving players the opportunity to build their own Krustyland amusement park. In-between these updates we’ve also had new characters, buildings, and quest lines added to Springfield as well.

So what’s next? No one knows for sure. It seems as though the developers are no longer leaving traces of future content in the files, as that information was too easily accessible. Spoilers may be a thing of the past, but what do you think is likely to happen in the coming months?

The odds that there will be a Treehouse of Horror XXIV event seem likely. The Springfield Squidport and Krustyland have both been ignored since their release. However, given that is more content from the show they can add to each of these areas, it would not surprise me to see a future content update that focused on one of these two areas.

As far as voiced characters go, that list is running thin. Yes, The Simpsons universe is expansive and there are some characters that have yet to be added to the game, but to be honest there are not that many left to add. You’re either going to see more obscure characters added, or perhaps more costumes for the existing characters.

What are you hoping to see in future updates?

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The stage is set, and it’s outdoors

The Open Air Stage is one of my personal favorite premium items because it opens up more possibilities for the characters in your town. Unfortunately its usefulness does depend on whether or not you have purchased the premium characters that can also make use of this outdoor stage.

My favorite task is “The Be Sharps” which requires four characters, only one of which is a premium character: Barney. There is a chance you could have acquired Barney’s Bowlarama using Santa Coins during the Christmas update, but if you didn’t you’ll have to spend 250 donuts to add it (and him) to your town. That is far too much to spend on one piece of premium content.

While this building does cost 160 donuts, it can be an asset to your town if you choose to use it.

Open Air Stage

Lisa’s Sax Solo251453060mLisa
Krusty Standup40240452hKrusty
The Be Sharps17510552453hHomer, Skinner, Apu, Barney
Willie On The Pipes60350804hWillie
The Skinner Sisters230138530010hSkinner, Agnes
Sideshow Opera16599016516hSideshow Mel
Man Being Hit By Football: The Musical220132022024hHans Moleman


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