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McBain, Scene 1- 5

If you purchased the Film Set for 120 donuts you will unlock the McBain costume for Wolfcastle, as well as this six-part quest. Any tasks completed while wearing the McBain costume earn money and XP at the premium rate.

Interesting side-note, did you know that if you pieced together all of the McBain clips from the various episodes of The Simpsons that they would actually fit together as one flowing narrative?

Prologue: Up Late With McBain

Make McBain Host Up Late With McBain


McBain: America, it is, I, McBain. I have returned to give you the laughs and other spasms of the body.
McBain: Vhoop! Vhoop! Let us get silly! Let us all get silly!
McBain: I have broken the bones of many evil criminals. But the only bones I vant to break now are your funny bones. And not with fists, but with humors.
McBain: Ever notice how you are alive because I allow you to be alive. For you are nothing vithout McBain to protect you!
McBain: That’s the joke.

McBain, Scene 1: Vengence, Thy Name Is McBain

Make McBain Find Intel at the Track


McBain: SKOWIE! They killed my band leader Skowie! And I know who they is. Mendoza.
McBain: MENDOZA!!!!
Quimby: Senator Mendoza? He has, er, many powerful friends because he is, um, so corrupt.
Quimby: Which is not necessarily a bad thing in all cases, but is bad in this, erm, specific one.
McBain: I note your concern, Mayor, but I am a loose cannon.
McBain: And this cannon smells trouble at the race track. There I’ll find Mendoza’s cronies and make them talk.
McBain: I can be very persuasive. Because I threaten injury by physical violence.

McBain, Scene 2: Master Of The Disguise

Make McBain Go Undercover


Agnes: Dear lord! You…your hands are covered in blood.
McBain: I guess you could say those cronies at the track have gone to the dogs.
Agnes: What? How is that a reply to what I said? You need to clean yourself up, young man.
McBain: No time, old lady. I must take to the streets to track Mendoza vhile the trail is hot. First, to blend in. So I may gain the element of SURPRISE!

McBain, Scene 3: Big Explosion

Make McBain Battle Commie Nazis


McBain: It is vorse than I thought. the Commie-Nazis are trying to take over the power plant to fuel their army of Murder Bots to destroy the President’s daughter.
McBain: Only one man can stop them, and his name is ME! But you can call him McBain!
McBain: Foreign Commie-Nazis menace, prepare for doom. For as an American. I vow America vill vin!

McBain, Scene 4: Bad Cop, Bad Cop

Make McBain Turn in his Badge


Wiggum: McBain, this is the last time! You didn’t get a single arrest warrent for any of those Commie-Nazis
Wiggum: I know you’re a lose cannon, but you can’t also play by your own rules!
McBain: I just saved America, Chief. What did you do today?
Wiggum: What I’m doing is suspending you? I want your badge on my desk right now!
McBain: This is just a piece of metal, Chief. My true badge is justice.
Wiggum: You’re the best cop there is, McBain. And the worst cop there is. BADGE. DESK. NOW.

McBain, Scene 5: Undercover Showdown

Make McBain Fight Climatic Battle


McBain: Mendoza, you made this personal when you did something that affected me. Skowie vas not just my band leader. He vas…my friend.
McBain: Justice is blind. So it is good that I can see you in my crosshairs.

(after the task is complete)

Dr. Hibbert: I’m telling you, McBain. Mendoza was shot, stabbed, bitten, nurpled, fired at by a tank, fired from a tank, and strapped to a bomb and dropped into Springfield gorge.
Dr. Hibbert: There’s no way, heh heh, he survived.
McBain: We shall see Doctor. Ve shall see after the vorldvide grosses come in, and ve know about a sequel.
Director: And…CUT! That’s a wrap everyone. Great work, Rainier.
Wolfcastle: Thank you. I think ve are finally making a McBain movie people vill vant to see. Also, who cares? I vas paid already.

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One Response to McBain, Scene 1- 5

  1. TadoramaSeptember 6, 2013 at 1:51 am

    Interesting side note; McBain is treated as a premium character, so his tasks are rewarded with more money than the regular Ranier Wolfcastle. The film set has my favorite task for a premium character, besides Arnie Pye.

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