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A blog dedicated to the popular mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 1 -5

marge-witchWhen the Treehouse of Horror XXIII update to the game launched, it brought more than just the next level to the game, it started a holiday event that gave players a reason to play everyday. By collecting candy pieces you could purchase Halloween themed content, only available during the duration of this event. Along with this update there were a few limited-time items that could only be acquired by purchasing them with donuts. One of them was the “Cauldron” an item that unlocked the only alternate costume for Marge to date.

The added bonus of this costume, which cost 90 donuts, was that every task rewarded you with a candy piece. At the time that added more value to this extra, helping to justify its cost. As a standalone costume, its more of a novelty. It does have one interesting feature, which allows Marge the Witch to speed up a crop on Cletus’s Farm. It’s a four-hour task, that shaves four-hours off of the time it takes to build a crop.

Marge the Witch

60m$10526Buy Eye of NewtKwik-E-Mart
4h$26070Speed Up a CropCletus’s Farm
8h$420105Do a Victory Lap
12h$600150Stir the PotCauldron
24h$1,000225Relax with Book of SpellsSimpson House

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 1

Make Devil Flanders Sign up New ‘Clients’

Make Marge the Witch Sign away her Soul

12h / 12h

Marge the Witch: I love my new outfit! It’s just too bad I can’t be a REAL witch.
Devil Flanders: You’d use your powers to beat Helen Lovejoy at the annual Church Bake-Off, am I right?
Marge the Witch: You should know that the mind-reading thing is very creepy.
Devil Flanders: I get that a lot. Anyhoo, I’ll make you a dealio — victory in the bake-off, in exchange for… your soul.
Marge the Witch: Hmm.. it WOULD be neat to defeat that horrible woman and her famous lemon bars.
Homer: Mmmm… lemons in bar form…
Marge the Witch: Homer, stop drooling. Okay, Evil Ned, let’s do it! Sign me up!

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 2

Send Marge the Witch Trick-or-Treating

Send Lisa Trick-or-Treating

Send Bart Trick-or-Treating

12h / 12h

Marge the Witch: Let’s see, the first ingredient in the recipe is… candy, three bags. I’m gonna need some help.

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 3

Plant Silvertongue

Make Marge the Witch Speed up a Crop

8h / 4h

Marge the Witch: The next ingredient on the list is Springfield Silvertongue.
Cletus: You in luck, green lady. My last crop just withered due to mysterious and convenient circumstances.
Marge the Witch: If you plant some Silvertongue, I can make it grow faster for you?
Cletus: Can you do that with any crop at all?
Marge the Witch: That’s right! Why do you ask?
Cletus: Just want to make sure Mobile-Device-Owning Gigantic Finger Person is paying attention. Here endeth the lesson.

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 4

Make Marge the Witch Stir the Pot


Marge the Witch: Let’s see… I’ve got the Candy, the Silvertongue, and the Eye of Newt. Now all I need is Dew-Kissed Web of Day-Old Spider.
Homer: I got one! I KNEW I was carrying around this D.K.W.D.O.S. for a reason.
Marge the Witch: Uh, terrific. Thanks.

Easy-bake Coven Pt. 5

Make Marge the Witch do a Victory Lap


Marge the Witch: Victory! The Bake Sale championship is mine!
Devil Flanders: And your immortal soul is mine!
Marge the Witch: Is there a nice moment you don’t love to spoil?
Devil Flanders: Nope. It’s truly my worst quality.

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6 Responses to Easy-bake Coven Pt. 1 -5

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  2. JosSeptember 5, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Thank you for preparing us for a possible Halloween Event. Skins like Marge were awesome. I hope there is some inventive stuff this year.

  3. micah07September 3, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    I’ve got her and I almost always have her out instead of normal Marge. Love when she rides her broom around town. The kid’s costumes were also so cute when they went tricker treating – hopefully they will be available this year and we can keep them! Halloween is the shinning moment from any Simpson’s season for me, and the only episode I never miss

  4. MrThumbsonSeptember 3, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    i hope they bring her back for this halloween. i must have her!

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