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Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

The Trouble With Twins Pt. 1 -11

sherri-iconIf you made the decision to purchase Sherri & Terri, you’ll be prompted with an eleven part quest line. This terrible twosome spend most of their time tormenting boys. As standalone characters they aren’t particularly interesting, and most of their task repeat multiple time throughout this quest line.

Honestly you’re probably just better off saving your donuts, and reading through this walkthrough if you’re interested in the dialogue exchange between Sherri & Terri and their other classmates. These two are only a few years away from becoming the twins from The Shining The Shinning.

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Anonymous players are encouraged to sign-up for Origin

An Origin account was never a requirement to play the game, as users could choose to play anonymously. In one week, that option may result in some data loss if you do not connect your town to an Origin account. If you do play anonymously, you may have seen this message appear.

“Starting September 9, 2013, we will be limited in our ability to recover the accounts of anonymous users in the case of app deletion and device reset. To ensure that your game is saved and recoverable, we encourage all of our anonymous users to login through Origin.”


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