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You Just Broke the First Rule of Clone Club

os-mini-mapSince I started playing the game, the town of “Other Springfield” has fascinated me. Sure, it’s just a template town constructed by the developers to give players an idea of how to build their own town, but I’ve always seen it as a challenge. My town has always strived to be at the very least, a 95% replica of this alternate Springfield.

For several months, my town was a replica of both the Lv. 20 and Lv. 16 versions of Other Springfield. Once I unlocked the full full 13 × 13 grid I found out it was possible to fit both of these towns on one map. Of course you had to pick-and-choose where you wanted certain buildings, which created a bit of an artistic challenge. Once I filled in the basics, the excess land was used to house buildings Other Springfield hadn’t accounted for, like the Springfield Hospital or some of the content from the Treehouse of Horror XXIII update.

It was only in doing this that I discovered that the devlopers don’t always play by the same rules players do. The following are a few examples where buildings and decorations are placed on the map in ways that are impossible for the player to replicate.

Narrow Road behind the Kwik-E-Mart

from Other Springfield Lv. 12
It might not look like much, but the Kwik-E-Mart is one grid space off. If you tried to replicate this design in your own town you would have to build it properly to accommodate the road. All things considered, this is a pretty minor offense.

Unless you were trying to copy this design for your own town, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed the difference. You can still fit the Kwik-E-Mart and all the decorations shown in this screenshot in that space, it would just look slightly different if it was build according to the restrictions of the game.

Borrowed Land for Gambling

from Other Springfield Lv. 16
If you zoom in the screenshot, you can see that the Springfield Downs wouldn’t actually fit on that plot of land. One grid space of this building is actually extended onto unowned land.

To fit the Springfield Downs into that spot, you would have to purchase an additional plot of land.

Around the Bend

from Other Springfield Lv. 20
This error is almost impossible to notice unless you actually tried to copy this design for your own town. The Springfield Sign is actually overlapping with the road by one grid space. Basically if you were building this within the rules of the game, you would be able to see the corner of the road, it wouldn’t be hidden behind the mountain.

If you do want to fit the Springfield Sign into that area, you would need to purchase the plot of land to the left, if only to accommodate the full length of this large premium decoration.

Waiting for the Shuttle

from Other Springfield Lv. 30
Prior to the addition of Krustyland, this version of Other Springfield was entirely possible to replicate without any hitches. So imagine my disappointment when they tweaked this town in a way where it was impossible to copy its design. The space where the Krustyland Shuttle is placed, is just one example.

Sure it looks easy enough to copy, but there is a catch. The newspaper dispenser and trash bin can not be placed in the area they are shown. It looks like they should be able to, but the chain link fences are occupying that grid space. Even if you rotate them around, you wouldn’t be able to place the road tiles through them. It looked like a great place to wait for a shuttle with those extra decorations too.


These are a just a few of the rules the developers have broken when building a town. In an earlier post I examined how the entrance to the Springfield Squidport has been pushed up far too close to the land. This occurs in every version of Other Springfield where the Springfield Squidport is present, which is quite unfortunate. The whole point of the boardwalk is to have it extend away from the land so it feels like a separate area. Other Springfield clusters everything too close together giving it a very messy look.

Of course these are just observations. You don’t have to model your town after Other Springfield. In fact the whole point of the game is to design your own unique town. Perhaps my childhood spent with Legos has something to do with my desire to copy what I read from a template. It is hard to do that when the developers aren’t playing by the same building constrains players are.

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10 Responses to You Just Broke the First Rule of Clone Club

  1. melsSeptember 3, 2013 at 9:00 am

    In the earlier version of their SP, they had things against the fences and the reverse side of their fences are slightly different shapes and a different colour

  2. JacobSeptember 2, 2013 at 9:02 am

    I never noticed these! I did see one instance where the cobblestone walls were overlapping in one of the corners. However, since the archway that accompanies it is an odd number, you kinda have to tweak the wall somewhere if you want an enclosed area. That said it is possible to overlap cobble walls sometimes, so that’s not necessarily a cheat in the other Springfield.

    I actually always found the other Springfield very unoriginal. It honestly looks like one of the developers just spent an hour and slapped everything in place somewhere. Not a lot of creativity behind it. But like you said, the game is for US to build our own town. Shame they couldn’t build a sample without bending the rules thoug.

  3. MattSeptember 2, 2013 at 5:13 am

    I think my account was hacked. I had 87 donuts and now have one and also had $1.2 million and $1million spent on the Escalator To Nowhere. I never purchased it. What should I do?

    • Chris nortonhallSeptember 2, 2013 at 10:49 am

      Change your password!!!
      Claim mony back from iTunes Store if its an in app purchase of donuts..
      They refunded me once when I thought I had lost donuts..turns out I had been drunk the night before and spent them on finks lab….lol.

  4. jonSeptember 2, 2013 at 3:54 am

    It’s no longer true, but at one point, Other Springfield has two Cletus’ farm. I think that town disappeared once Squidport was introduced.

  5. kt barrowSeptember 2, 2013 at 2:18 am

    Also on my other springfield they can place the volleyball nets 1square closer to the sea!

    • feelingblindSeptember 2, 2013 at 2:22 am

      Yes, that is one of the more well known instances of the developers cheating the rules of the game.

      They look so much nicer when they can be placed completely on the sand.

    • feelingblindSeptember 2, 2013 at 2:34 am

      Also, thanks for commenting. I think I’ll add your suggestion to the post as well, for those who didn’t know about this. :)

      Edit: Weird when I went to check, it’s not the way it used to be. Maybe they fixed this one thing at some point.

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