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High School Low Pt. 1 – 11

high-school-soloSurprisingly enough, the quest line involving Superintendent Chalmers revolves around having him superintend. Now that matters at Springfield Elementary have been taken care of, it’s time to focus on higher education. A majority of the quest in this story arc take place at the newly built Springfield High School. Soon you will learn that Chalmers isn’t satisfied with the students at the high school, and will go to great lengths to whip these youth into shape.

After this quest line is complete you will be finished with main story line of the Level 34 update. If the developers stay consistent with updates as they have been, we could see Level 35 in approximately two-weeks time. What will be added in that update, remains a mystery.

High School Low Pt. 1

Make Chalmers Visit Town Hall


Chalmers: Look at this! The improved test scores have earned me a citation from Town Hall, “in recognition of exemplary performance.”
Chalmers: You did all the work, Skinner, and I got all the credit! It’s every bureaucrat’s dream!
Skinner: And it’s every toadying lickspittle’s dream to make his boss’s dream come true! Congratulations!

High School Low Pt. 2

Make Chalmers Intend Springfield High School


Quimby: In recognition of your fine work turning around Springfield Elementary, Superintendent Chalmers, you are hereby promoted to Intendent of Springfield High School.
Chalmers: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Two questions: one, how is going from “Superintendent” to “Intendent” a promotion; and two, are you aware that Intendent is a made-up word?
Quimby: I oughta be, I made it up!
Quimby: It means a “principal,” but when the town doesn’t have the money to hire a principal because of widespread corruption that is in no way the mayor’s fault.
Chalmers: I got into education because I wanted to cut art budgets, not having contact with children! I won’t last a day!

High School Low Pt. 3

Build the All Night Gym

Make Chalmers Lead Calisthenics


Chalmers: Great Scott, Skinner! I had no idea the students of today had grown so soft. They’re like pampered veal calves, but with an even less promising future.
Chalmers: Heads always buried in their smartphones and tablets… What could they possibly be doing?
Skinner: They generally use them to play time-wasting, potential-draining “freemium” video games.
Skinner: Or at least they did until that fateful day when the game they were playing asked them how old they were, and they all had to stop.
Chalmers: I won’t stand for it! I’m going to turn these kids into rugged, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer individualists if it kills me!
Chalmers: We’ll start with mandatory, 5:00 AM calisthenics!

High School Low Pt. 4

Place a Camp Fire

Make Chalmers Survive Off the Land


Chalmers: Participation in my morning calisthenics program is at 0%.
Skinner: Look on the bright side. That’s a lot higher than any of us expected, sir.
Skinner: “Any of us” being people educated in Springfield public schools, who due to years of poor math instruction, don’t understand how percentages work.
Chalmers: I’ve got to think of something. I always do my best thinking when I’m in the wilderness, honing my manly skills by surviving off the land.

High School Low Pt. 5

Make Chalmers Intend Springfield High School


Chalmers: Did you realize, Seymour, that physical education in this school includes classes in “Badminton” and “Golf?”
Chalmers: No wonder these children are blobs of goo.
Skinner: The kids do enjoy badminton. They get to say “shuttlecock” a lot.
Chalmers: You’re not supposed to enjoy sports!
Chalmers: Sports should push you to the brink of death, leave you utterly spent, heaving desperate gasps between blood-speckled coughs, asking yourself “Why, God, why am I so weak?”
Chalmers: From now on, the only sport here is Greco-Roman wrestling! Now, matches don’t stop until both students are crying!

High School Low Pt. 6

Make Chalmers Intend Springfield High School


Chalmers: Starting today, all Springfield High School students will participate in the following classes:
Chalmers: Leadership, Mountaineering, Rough-Riding, Big Game Hunting, Celestial Navigation…
Chalmers: …Tourniquet Making, Foraging, Trust Busting, Manliness…
Chalmers: …Orienteering, Bare-Knuckle Brawling, Big Game Hunting II: Perspectives in Taxidermy, Chivalry…
Chalmers: …American Expansionism, Knife Sharpening, Knife Making, Knife Throwing, and Deep Jungle Exploration.
Chalmers: If you have any questions, keep them to yourself. That is all!

High School Low Pt. 7

Make Willie Build a Caber Toss Field


Chalmers: Groundskeeper Willie! I wonder if you’d have time to build a caber-toss field at Springfield High?
Willie: But the noble Scottish sport of caber tossing was banned in Springfield years ago, on account of its being incredibly hazardous and generally pointless.
Chalmers: We’re bringing it back!
Chalmers: I’ll not send a single student off to college who isn’t adept at heaving a tree trunk end-over-end so that it lands as close to a “twelve o’clock” position as possible.
Chalmers: It would be un-American to do so!
Willie: I think I’m going to cry…

High School Low Pt. 8

Make Legs Intimidate Students

Make Louie Intimidate Students

24h / 24h

Chalmers: Corpulent Anthony!
Fat Tony: Yes?
Chalmers: My students are cowards!
Chalmers: I want you to send some of your toughest enforcers into my school, and push them around until they learn to stand up for themselves.
Chalmers: You’re welcome to keep any lunch money that the weaker ones fork over.
Fat Tony: What a shockingly wrong-headed educational initiative. However, no grown-up bully can say “no” to lunch money.

High School Low Pt. 9

Make Chalmers Lead Calisthenics


Chalmers: I’ve done it. I’ve molded these blubber-wrapped idiots into capable young Americans.
Chalmers: Who are shockingly ignorant of literature, but still.
Chalmers: I think I should reward myself with a little “me time.”

High School Low Pt. 10

Make Chalmers Visit Town Hall


Chalmers: I’ve got another invitation to Town Hall. Wonder what it could be for this time?
Chalmers: Maybe they’ve got a special commendation for me!

(after the task is complete)

Quimby: You idiot! You’ve transformed this town’s kids into self-reliant, confident individualists. What do you have to say for yourself?
Chalmers: Uh… you’re welcome?
Quimby: No! You don’t get it, do you?
Quimby: Do you think I’ve allowed this town’s schools to fall apart by accident? That I didn’t INTEND for every class to receive a poorer education than the one before?
Chalmers: But why would you do that?
Quimby: Because stupid people vote for incumbents!
Quimby: You start churning out free thinkers, me and every other incumbent in this declining country is doomed! THEN where will we all be?
Quimby: You are hereby demoted from Intendent to Superintendent. Now get out of my sight!

High School Low Pt. 11

Place a Minnow Pond

Make Chalmers Catch Some “DINNERRRR?!


Chalmers: I’ve failed. And relegated the children of Springfield to a life of ignorance and laziness.
Chalmers: It’s times like this when the only thing that can cheer me up is partaking in an activity that is a playful pun on my beloved catchphrase.

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6 Responses to High School Low Pt. 1 – 11

  1. ChaffroChaffroSeptember 7, 2013 at 6:48 am

    Yeah, I like these tasks too. Seems a lot longer storyline than some of late, which is good. I had to keep remember to have Skinner and Lisa free from Krustyland tasks to get some of these tasks going though.

  2. bubbiesmommySeptember 2, 2013 at 11:06 am

    I’m just about to start these quests. So far so good. =) its all I have to concentrate on. I finished sqp kl and have just been trying to re-decorate.

  3. melsSeptember 2, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Chalmers had such great tasks, i really like this story line

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