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Daily Archives: August 30, 2013

SKINNERRRR?! Pt. 1 – 3 and Night At The Knowledgum Pt. 1

Building the new high school is only the first step in a comical quest line involving mostly Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. Once these three parts of the quest are complete you’ll unlock the ability to build the Springfield Knowledgeum. It is the most expensive building in the game required for the story to continue, with an asking price of $379,500. If you’re struggling for cash, you may want to hold off until the next update. Building prices tend to get cheaper as new content for the game is released.

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Introducing Superintendant Gary Chalmers

The Springfield school system feels so much more complete now that Super Nintendo -intendant Chalmers has been added to the game. It’s always a pleasure to have another voiced-character added into the game, and lets be honest, this update wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if you couldn’t hear him shout “SKINNERRRR!” when you tapped on him.

Once the Springfield High School finishes construction he will unlock, setting off the quest line for this update. If you take a look at his task list you will notice that his tasks are evenly divided between indoor and outdoor activities. One other thing to note is that he is the first, and only character to have a permanent task in the All Night Gym.


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