Thoughts on Kamp Krusty

kamp-krustyPrior to its release, many people thought Kamp Krusty might have its own map, similar to Krustyland. When it was released however, players discovered it was just another premium building. In addition to a seven-part quest line, buying Kamp Krusty unlocked Bart’s first costume, “Kamp Bart”. The building itself is rather lack-luster, though it does fit in well amongst a heavily wooded area. What makes this a hard sell is the price, which is a hefty 200 donuts.

The timing of this release really wasn’t the best, as it came out with the Level 32 update which focused on several of the child characters anyway. Trying to balance both of these events simultaneously tended to result in half of the characters you needed to advance one story, being occupied with another. What do you think of Kamp Krusty? Are you glad it’s just a standalone building, or would you have liked to see this as its own dedicated map? If it had its own map, it wouldn’t have to be a very large area, maybe just something as small as 5 × 5 grid would have worked well to accommodate a nice summer camp.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Kamp Krusty

    • I totally agree. I was happy at first with the idea of Krustyland, but now I find it a pain. Half the time I’m not progressing as quickly in my quests because my peeps are in the wrong “world”.

      • Absolutely. I’m longing for a recital of the be-sharps and both Homer and Skinner are tied up earning tickets. Maybe I should declare the weekend as a KL free time!

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