Moonshine River and the Duff Racer

A few days before the premiere of the twenty-fourth season of The Simpsons, players were given a limited-time free item, the Duff Racer. Considering that this game has been used for cross-promotional events in the past, it is likely we will see some sort-of content update when the twenty-fifth season of the show premiers on Sunday, September 29th.

Were you one of the lucky players who had the chance to add the Duff Racer to their town?

The Simpsons 24th Season Gift

Place the Duff Racer

Homer: Ooh, a racecar. I want to drive it!
Lisa: Sorry Dad, but it doesn’t drive. It’s just a decoration.
Homer: Can I open the Redesign Menu and move it around with my finger so it looks like it’s driving?
Lisa: I guess.
Homer: Woo-hoo!

9 thoughts on “Moonshine River and the Duff Racer

  1. Indeed I was. I had it in front of the Dog Race Track for awhile, but then the police took it away. It’s behind pylons at the back of my police station now.

  2. I’m looking forward to the new season. As much as I’ve enjoyed the updates over the summer, the episodes do tend to spin out some nice additions to towns.

  3. Mine is parked in ‘Duff Gardens’ an island inside my Lake Springfield. On the island are the Duff Brewer, Duff Stadium, The Duff Party Bus, the Duff/Barney blimp, the Duff Racecar and a giant Duff logo I made out of potted plants.

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