GameZino has stopped accepting orders, but not for the reason you think

sideshow_bobIn a previous post information uncovering the truth about GameZino was posted in an attempt to make people more aware of the situation. To summarize, GameZino was using an illegal game hack to offer donuts, items, and cash to users willing to pay for their service. The way in which they were able to expand their business was by taking control of TSTO Tips and promoting their service as “legitimate” by posing as the original site owner, Mr T.

By leveraging the reputation of a person many people trusted, GameZino was able to scam thousands of customers into using their service. While it appears as though they have been delivering what they promised to customers, no content was ever purchased through the game. The reason users had to provide their account information and passwords (never a good idea) was so they could log-in and hack the items into the game. The story they perpetuated of buying gift cards in bulk was merely a cover for their scheme.

Now GameZino is no longer accepting orders, which they claim is because their business model is no longer viable, and no it’s not because they ran out of gift cards. There are a few possible reasons the site is closing down.

a) The hack no longer works. Development on the once freely available hack stopped once GameZino started using it for profit. Those who developed the hack, for fear of legal repercussions themselves shut down the development of the hack as well as areas online where discussion about the hack took place.

b) Once people realized GameZino was a scam, they disputed their claims with PayPal. It is likely a sizable percentage of people filed claims against GameZino for fraud and/or misrepresentation leading PayPal to block their account. If GameZino can no longer get paid, they have no reason to continue their service.

These are two of the most likely scenarios, but one thing is for certain, nothing about GameZino was ever legitimate.

Update: A new site called GameGull has appeared in the wake of GameZino’s closure. It should go without saying not to trust this site, or any other that offers suspicious workarounds and discounts to in-app purchases. The only way to legitimately purchase in-app content is directly through the game itself. In the event you have been a victim of these scams, there are steps you can take to report the fraud to PayPal.

15 thoughts on “GameZino has stopped accepting orders, but not for the reason you think

  1. Great explanation!!!!

    There’s also a similar site, game gull that’s popped up….people forward emails andreport to PayPal and ea…. It’s basically all we can do.

  2. Enh, I changed my prefered password, ordered the Halloween package from GameZino, paid my money and tooks my chances. The result? I was rewarded with game content I missed out on but desperately wanted (I’ve only been playing for a month) and they gave me a massive land expansion for free. I have no regrets about doing business with them. (Of course, because I’m the paranoid type I changed my password again afterwards…)

    • Even though you received what you ordered, it was done through an illegal game hack. Should EA decide, they could potentially ban your account (and any other account with items obtained through illegal hacking) from the game.

      • Since it has yet to be proven beyond a doubt that it is a scam, even though we know it is, we are victims. GZ/Gull used a hack to make money; most of us just got in game stuff to enjoy playing more.I would never do anything illegal for any reason, but I thought this was on the level.How do you even return things?

        I did get the email from Devon Armstrong and sent it right to PayPal…they responded in a few hours and that is it for now.

    • You were not “rewarded” by GameZino/GameGull. They gave you freebies to pull at your emotions so you’d come back for another fix of their potent drug. Since you don’t regret buying from hackers, would it upset you to know someone on Reddit would have acquired the items you wanted for free? GameZino/Gull sleeps at night by telling themselves it’s a victimless crime or “just a game”… until one day the funds they’ve diverted from EA leave the designers unemployed and we have no game at all.

  3. Just an FYI – here is the WHOIS info on Game Gull:

    Domain Name: GAMEGULL.COM
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2013-08-19 14:35:11
    Creation Date: 2013-08-19 14:35:11
    Registrar Expiration Date: 2014-08-19 14:35:11
    Registrar:, LLC
    Registrant Name: Devin Armstrong
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant Street: 663 South Main St
    Registrant City: Attleboro
    Registrant State/Province: Massachusetts
    Registrant Postal Code: 02703
    Registrant Country: United States
    Admin Name: Devin Armstrong
    Admin Organization:
    Admin Street: 663 South Main St
    Admin City: Attleboro
    Admin State/Province: Massachusetts
    Admin Postal Code: 02703
    Admin Country: United States
    Admin Phone: 4013321952
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Email: [email protected]
    Tech Name: Devin Armstrong
    Tech Organization:
    Tech Street: 663 South Main St
    Tech City: Attleboro
    Tech State/Province: Massachusetts
    Tech Postal Code: 02703
    Tech Country: United States
    Tech Phone: 4013321952
    Tech Fax:
    Tech Email: [email protected]

    The phone number is based in Rhode Island. Google Maps really doesn’t have a 663 Main St in Attleboro, MA. We know this is all BS. I doubt his name is really Devon. I wonder if an email to GoDaddy can get the site shut down. Let’s give it a shot.

  4. Finally! I really hope it was because of paypal and that they didn’t get a penny of that stolen money. Ha, crime doesn’t pay after all!
    I was curious and tried to check tips out. Surprise, surprise, it’s not even loading. Or maybe it’s my computer?

  5. So how did gamezino gain control of tstot did Mr.t just sellout all the fans of the site by taking a bunch of cash from Allen cox ? If so I have to say I’m more than alittle pissed off about being misled to believe gamezino was a site Mr.t indorsed as he presented himself as someone who wouldn’t use hacks or cheats ever

    • Yes, Mr T did sell the site to Allen Cox. Once the ownership of the site was completed there was nothing Mr T could do to save face. He may not have known about the scam that TSTO Tips would come to perpetuate in the coming weeks, but he did give-up control of the site willingly after being paid by Allen Cox.

      • Well I hope the money was worth screwing over the people that supported his site . I knew something was strange about all the changes on the site bit never thought he would basically sellout to abunch of hackers and give up control of what was a great site for fans of the game

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