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Level 21 Walkthrough

The first content update of the game focused on Nelson Muntz, but also retroactively introduced Martin into the game as well. New players who had yet to reach Level 12 would find a small quest line involving Martin and the Springfield Library, a new building from this update. For established players, Martin appeared once the Springfield Library was built.

Nelson however was the focus of the new update, adding an eleven-part story line to the game once the player reached Level 21. This update also added a few new decorations, including the Piece-of-crap Car, a premium item that cost 30 donuts and unlocked a thirty-minute task for Nelson.

The Springfield Observatory was also added in this update, giving several characters a six-hour task that earned money and XP at a premium rate. Of course to earn at a premium rate, you’re going to have to pay a premium price. This building set players back 75 donuts, if they chose to purchase it.

Any Given Weekday

Make Bart Go To School


Bart: Dad, I have a sore throat and my appendix feels rupture-y, but can I go to school anyway? Please please please please?
Homer: Absolutely! Have fun!
Bart: Darnit, that was a trick! You’re supposed to say “no.”
Homer: Sorry, son. But reverse psychology only works on a normal, healthy human brain. Not what I got. Now off you go!

Nerds Gone Wild

Make Martin Play The Lute


Martin: Hey Bart! How are you my schoolyard chum?
Bart: I’m having a bad day. And I would REALLY appreciate it if you didn’t try to cheer me up.
Martin: Perhaps I can cheer you up!
Bart: Okay, fine. Just don’t play an original musical composition. That’s all I ask.
Martin: Let me play you a piece I composed, wherein I liken New Springfield to John Winthrop’s City Upon a Hill!
Bart: Can I at least request you don’t whip out some sissy old-timey instrument?


Build Muntz House


Martin: So what are you thoughts on my song?
Bart: This is why the schoolyard ecosystem requires bullies! Nerd behavior must be kept in check!

Darwin’s Bulldog

Make Nelson Shake Down Kids For Lunch Money


Nelson: Nice to be back, everyone! If the nerds would kindly form a line behind Bart, it’d really speed things up.
Nelson: If we work together, every loser here can be properly bullied and back in class before recess ends.
Bart: Why do I get bullied? I’m the one that built your house and brought you back!
Nelson: You’re not making me think, Simpson, are you? That’s gonna add to your punch total.

Zero Tolerance

Make Nelson Serve Detention

6h (x3)

Nelson: Haw! So much lunch money today! Looks like the suckers felt a little too safe without me around as their unofficial cash handler.
Skinner: This isn’t the 1990′s anymore! You can’t bully in a post-Lady-Gaga-said-one-time-that-bullying-isn’t-okay world!
Skinner: You will serve detention until the end of the school year! Or until Lady Gaga says detention is bad!

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 1

Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work


Nelson: Do your worst, Skinner. I’m not afraid of you.
Skinner: Nor, if I’m being completely honest, should you be. Which is why I’m turning you over to the only man in town with a more demeaning job than mine.
Nelson: Oh, no. You don’t mean…
Willie: He does! He does mean! You belong to Willie now!

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 2

Make Willie Rake Leave

Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work

12h / 12h

Willie: Such a beautiful day! I think it’ll be a great day to work outside!
Nelson: It’s about time! I was starting to get sick of being in that building.
Willie: Not you! You’re in the boiler room. There’s some rats down there that the kindergarteners puked up on. I want those rats scrubbed clean, pronto!

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 3

Make Willie Wax The Floors

Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work

24h / 12h

Willie: I got ano’er job for you laddy!
Nelson: You got out the floor buffer! Finally, some wicked machinery!
Willie: Sorry, but ol’ Willie’s not stupid enough to let you sue that thing! You’re gonna clean two months worth of trash out of the cafeteria kitchen!

Smell Ya Later

Make Nelson Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House


Nelson: Who leaves thirty pounds of perfectly huck-able coleslaw unguarded? Lunchlady Doris, bless you!

(after the task is complete)

Nelson: Haw haw! Smell ya later Milhouse!

I’m a Superstar!

Make Nelson Play the Guitar


Nelson: I’ve trashed a lot of stuff today. But there’s one kind of pollution I haven’t covered yet — noise pollution!

Dark Humor

Make Nelson Laugh at Others Misfortune


Bart: Such a lousy week! I hate school!
Martin: At least you’re not getting beaten up three times a day!
Milhouse: My house smells like coleslaw!
Nelson: Ah, the whining call of the Common Nerd. Such sweet, sweet music.

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  1. melsAugust 26, 2013 at 8:29 am

    I’m glad you’re posting all these older walkabouts…I’ve forgotten most of them

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