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Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

Tired of Accidentally Rushing Tasks?

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you were just tapping on buildings to collect money and XP when all of a sudden you initiate rushing a task you didn’t at all want to rush? Did you know that there is a simple solution to prevent you from making this mistake in the future? All you have to do is go to the build menu and tap on the “i” in the top-right-hand corner.

From there you will be taken to an options menu where you can enable an option to confirm donut spending. Enabling this option will initiate a confirmation prompt every time you try and spend donuts. This puts one more step between you and a mistaken donut purchase. Be mindful though, nearly every time there has been a significant update to the game this options resets itself to “off”, so be mindful of this the next time there is a big update.

Tap me on. (Tap on me.)

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Smart tips to save you money, and your donuts

Early in the game it was compelling to buy any new content, especially buildings or characters. After all, the more characters you have in your town the faster you can earn money and experience. That’s just science. Unfortunately it’s also economics, and if you continually drop $20 or more every few weeks on premium content you’re going to find that you’ve spent way too much on content you probably won’t get much use out of down the line.
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Is it worth it to harvest corn?

No, it’s not. It takes 90d to harvest Corn, and while the payout may seem nice, it’s really not worth it. You can make the same amount of cash in 75d with Moonshine, and the same amount of XP in just 60d.

The game also likes to give you a random quest to harvest a crop, which you can’t do if you’re waiting 90d for Corn. As an example, about a week into my harvest I received a quest to “Harvest Perfection”. This quest remained in my sidebar for nearly three months. By the time the Corn was finished I was more excited to get the Perfection quest out of my sidebar than I was to receive the payoffs from that crop.

You could put the farm into storage to undo the build, but then the money you spent to initiate the harvest will be lost.

Cletus’ Farm

Crop Cost Income XP Time Expires
Weeds $1 $0 0 45s 45s
Perfection $2 $10 2 45s 3s
Tomacco $15 $75 20 60m 24h
Silvertongue $55 $275 75 8h 24h
Triffids $80 $0 250 12h 24h
Moonshine $150 $600 150 24h 24h
Corn. Actual Corn $9,000 $45,000 9,000 90d 7d

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