You’re So Vain (if you’ve built these three items)

There are currently three over-sized items available in the game, and they all come from the same episode of the show, “Marge vs. the Monorail”. Any one of these items will increase your vanity rating tremendously, should you build all three you’ll likely never have to worry about that rating dropping from five stars again. The hitch is that they are all incredibly expensive, with the cheapest of the three costing one-million dollars.

If you would like an idea of what these all look like when built, below are a few screenshots. Have you added these three buildings to your town? If so, share what you’ve done to incorporate them into your own town.

NameXPCostVanity Points
Escalator to Nowhere10,000$1,000,0001,000
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper20,000$2,000,0002,000
50ft Magnifying Glass30,000$3,000,0003,000

…and she’s buying an Escalator to Nowhere.


…and stick by stick, we will get back to yesterday.


Don’t you think maybe we could put it on credit? I get magnified.


7 thoughts on “You’re So Vain (if you’ve built these three items)

  1. I’m 2millions short of the magnifying glass. Level 33 has taken it’s toll but I’ll get there. What’s the point in squirreling game money? Every time I got a big building, I made sure there would be enough left for the next update

  2. I actually just bought the skyscraper last week. Had the escalator for about a month now. Can’t wait to get the magnifying glass but man, with the price of each new level I don’t know if I’ll every save enough money as long as levels are being released.

  3. I had been saving my money for land, quests and also for when there is a lull in the game (which certainly isn’t happening at the moment!) and then I went and accidentally purchased the sun sphere! I make roughly $50,000 a day when I’m not being lazy with it so it’s not too much of a big deal, but when I didn’t have enough money for the Swat van I went into a panic!

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