Level 33 Content Update Has Arrived

Springfield has expanded quite a bit this past year, and a town this big needs more than just one police officer. This updates adds Eddie & Lou to the game was well a few new items, buildings, premium items, and of course a new quest line. If you’re willing to spend some donuts you can also unlock a new character, Arnie Pye, atraffic reporter for Channel 6 news.

Aside from Arnie Pye, who costs 85 donuts to purchase there are a few other premium items up for your consideration. If you would like another NPC dog in your town that does nothing but bark when you tap on it, the K9 Officer is available for 45 donuts. If you like exorbitantly priced premium decorations, then consider Little Lady Justice which costs 75 donuts and nets you a 2.75% bonus.

The Sun Sphere building cost $750,000 and takes three days to build. On the bright side (get it?) at least it doesn’t cost any donuts. If you’re low on cash, save this build for another time as it isn’t essential to the new quest line.

Snake starts off the primary quest line, Bad Cops. If you’re wondering if should keep Wiggum out of Krustyland for a while, you probably should, as he’ll be an important part of this quest line. The Crackdown quests (which appear after Bad Cops Pt. 5) are going to require a lot of characters as well, so when you get to this stage of the game you may just want to put Krustyland tasks off for a bit while you finish up this storyline.

Decorations and Buildings

Little Lady Justice75 donuts
Springfield Wax Museum$276,000
S.W.A.T. Van$225,000
The Sun Sphere$750,000
Training Wall$270


Lou$225,000 (unlocks with S.W.A.T. Van)
Eddie$225,000 (unlocks with S.W.A.T. Van)
Arnie Pye85 donuts
K9 Officer45 donuts

8 thoughts on “Level 33 Content Update Has Arrived

  1. Help! after leveling up to lvl33 & completing the first quest with snake, I left the game but when I returned it said I was at level 32. I tried restarting my phone and Returned to the game the second part of the quest With Chief Wiggum to buy the SWAT van started but I was still at level 32,still have the level up doughnut ! Anything i can do to get my level back? Thanks

    • Well i leveled up again with xp but i must say the lack of any response here either positive or negative about the situationis rather sad.

      • This isn’t EA technical support, so I don’t know what to tell you. This site is also less than two weeks old. It’s not like TSTO Tips which was established for several months and had hundreds of people are commenting on each post.

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