Just a few notes about this site

This site started a less than ten days ago, and in that time it has managed to attract several visitors. Before things move along too much further, I’d like to address a few things.

No Cheating Discussion

If you use cheats, hacks, or exploits to play the game, please keep that information to yourself. There are other sites that welcome the discussion of such things, this however is not one of them. I am not passing judgement on anyone who chooses to play the game other than how it was intended, I am just stating publicly that is not the place to discuss such activities.

There Will Be No Self-Congratulatory Posts

One trend I’ve noticed on several blogs is that when certain page view milestone are reached, the staff will make a fuss about it and report this non-event to its followers. Statistics are a useful tool in determining trends as well as the information people are searching for, and that is what I will use it for. If you want to know how many hits this site has received, check the widget in the footer.

This Site Will Not Beg For Donations

Nearly ever blog I’ve seen dedicated to this game likes to post a big yellow “Donate” button somewhere on the site. More often than not, the self-congratulatory page view milestone posts are nothing more than thinly veiled attempts to remind people that they can donate money to the site. That is not what this site is about. If you really want to help the site out monetarily, feel free to contact me privately, though it isn’t really necessary. While I did spend $26 to secure tstogame.com for the site, that has been the only expense, other than time, that running this site has cost me.

“Donations for the poor beggar girl!”

13 thoughts on “Just a few notes about this site

  1. Well said! The gloating/fish for donations is definitely annoying and has turned me off from other blogs. I have enjoyed reading yours and I hope you stick around.

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  3. Thanks for this site. I was an avid reader of TSTOTips, until the whole ‘hacking’/'take over’ debacle. Gutted about the demise of the site, so I’m so pleased I’ve found this one :)

  4. yup, thank you. I was a daily ready of the old site and got caught up in the scam as well. When I came down and got my game right again and account secured. I found this place. I love the information and I love the format of the site. keep up the good work and than you for the time you put in here. SO that being said, whats next? anything in the files? :D

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